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Raw video: A cold two-alarm house fire in Shenandoah, PA.

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Pictures & more from video (above) from JC Kriesher jck5055 at a two-alarm house fire today in Shenandoah, Pennsylvania (Schuylkill County) during Tuesday's freeze. Below is video from Andrew Leibenguth.

Here's some of what JC wrote about the fire:

At 7:30 AM on Tuesday, January 7, the Shenandoah Fire Department was dispatched with Mahanoy City West End Rescue 993 and Shenandoah ALS to the area of 200 South Ferguson Street in Shenandoah for a reported house on fire.

PA Shenandoah 2nd alarm 3 1-7-14

Multiple calls were received into the 9-1-1 center reporting a fire in the area.  Squrt 745 was the first responding unit and spotted a column of smoke pulling out onto Main Street.  Medic 64 arrived on the scene and confirmed a working fire with fire blowing across the street.

The Squrt and Marshal 745 arrived on the scene with the working fire and requested a second alarm be transmitted.  The second alarm was dispatched bringing Shenandoah Heights, Englewood, Frackville and Mahanoy City West End for the engine.

PA Shenandoah 2nd alarm 2 1-7-14

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PA Shenandoah 2nd alarm 1-7-14


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  • Anonymous

    Pretty aggressive work in some extremely dangerous weather conditions…kudos.

  • Mike1397

    As a Chief Officer, I hope I'm misinterpreting the hand gestures at the 3:31 mark.  Where I'm from, when a Chief tells you to get off the roof, you get off the roof.

    Direct orders on the fireground aren't subject to individual interpretation.

    • Fire21

      I noticed that too.  When someone tells you to get off the roof, especially an officer, you do it!  Chances are they see and know something you don't!.

      Yeah, kudos to them for facing those brutal conditions.  If you've never fought fire in sub-zero weather, you don't understand what misery is!