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Close call video & radio traffic: FDNY mayday & evac at Queens house fire.

This is from firelinevideo of a second-alarm early today in a vacant home at 104th Avenue & 198th Street in Hollis Queens. The video and FDNY radio traffic begin with an evacuation order and a mayday that seems to resolve quickly. News stories indicate three minor injuries. It was one of two fires about seven block apart during the very cold night.

NY Queens Hollis mayday evan house fire 1

NY FDNY Queens Hollis mayday evac house fire 2


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  • Back stepper

    An evac order and no air horns. They way it should be. Rescue boss asks for a       par. Good radio comm and things get done. Shit can go bad and the panic button doesn't have to be pushed. 

  • Fire21

    Glad the brothers only had minor injuries.  Stay safe out there.

  • Anonymous

    Dave Leblanc who uses all the vacant fires to say this is why we should search hopefully sees this, becuase this is why WE SHOULDNT SEARCH at least not until we can make the building better for us opening up and fully assessing the fireground because FDNY almost killed a guy for a house with no one in it and worth nothing.


    • Mack Seagrave

      Anonymous, if that's what you get out of this video then you are not firefighter material. I hear WalMart is hiring greeters. It will prove to be a very safe job for you and the citizens where you currently serve as a lawn ornament dressed as a firefighter will be much safer without you. Good job by the F.D.N.Y. Brothers, glad nobody was seriously injured.

  • Dave LeBlanc

    there is a reason over on Backstep we posted this:

    "Captain Anonymous Doesn't Ride Here" Read our comment policy

    ""“Mr. FireSlayer161, in your many years as an aggressive firefighter, would you please tell the audience how many fires you’ve been to?”

    “Been to or put out?”
    “Well, let us restrict it to ‘put out’ so we may have a manageable figure.”

    Yes folks, the time has come that Dave and I have decided to follow the example of Brotherhood Instructors and no longer allow anonymous comments to our posts. It is not as though we receive a ton of comments, well, me anyway, but it has been something that has been on my mind for at least a year only to resurface after following the comments on recent D.C. fires on STATter911. Brotherhood Instructors had this ‘policy’ years ago when they were just starting out. It’s a good tool that fosters better and more respectable discussion. Briefly speaking to Chris Collier on the decision, I agree with his view that it is easier to respectfully disagree with someone when they sign their name to their comments. We try to provide you with information that challenges you to think more, think deeper, about “the job” and an integral part of that challenge lies in the comments afterward. We’ve had no problems with our comments but it concerns me that so many people are anonymously vehement in their opinions in other blogs and forums. In most of these occurrences the discussion nose dives into a mess of adolescent name calling and general stupidity.

    So, before it even begins to happen here, all comments must include your name or the name of your department. Either one, it makes no difference. If you don’t, well we can do nothing for you. It’s one of the best ways we can all learn from each other in this increasingly technological age as well as show your true grit."

    If you want to discuss this Captain Anonymous, happy to by email, text, phone, whatever…not going to talk with an unknown.

    I am sure some FDNY brothers would also take exception to your comments…..

  • flowwater

    a lot of standing around.

  • Dan

    I was at this fire. Someone made the comment a lot of standing around. Temperatures were well below freezing . Units were taken up from another fire local and were reassigned to this. Yes its a vacant house but in this area and with temps as they were we have a lot of homeless living in these houses. We use this video and learn from it like all the others. Once you know everything is when your no longer a fireman. Brothers stay safe.