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Helmet-cam video: More from two-alarm house fire in Shenandoah, PA.

More video from this fire's JC Kriesher jck5055 justed posted another video from yesterday's two-alarm fire in the Shenandoah, Pennsylvania (Schuylkill County). Here's our earlier post from the fire with two more videos. Below is JC's the description with this video:

Video by Bill Moyer who was riding Squrt 745 to a fire in Shenandoah. The Squrt was first on scene. The fire was battled in -8° temperatures. The cold finally got to the camera after 16 minutes of video. For more info visit

PA Shenandoah 2nd alarm 1-7-14 4


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  • Fire21

    I'm wondering whose job it was to make the hydrant connection to the engine…it didn't get done.  Not gonna use much water without a supply.  And it seems to me that if you're not gonna use the Squrt, leave it in the bed.  All they did was tie the engine down if it came to the point of needing to move it quickly.

    But, again, my hat's off to them for struggling with those conditions.  It's hard work.

  • http://msn retiredFFin SC

    Some days it just does not pay to go to the firehouse

  • Back stepper

    Did anybody go in and put the fire out?  Love the chauffeur that doesn't leave the pump panel, the guy in his highway vest, all the guys with face pieces on outside the bldg, no water in LDH or the line that was stretched, the boom going up so early(almost as if that is a primary fire attack tactic) and everybody doing nothing to PUT WATER ON THE FIRE! 

    • Chief_2B

      Did u look at the rest on the video's before u play monday morning quarterback?. it was minus 8 with 30mph+ winds. you weren't going to move the squrt if u had to due to vehicles that are parked in the alley, The LDH was hand jacked around the corner to a plug by the police department. the first line off was a 2.5 that was advanced into the first floor prior to being pulled out. and maybe the reason  everyone was masked up in the street was due to the fact that the smoke was that bad due to the wind..look at the pics before you shoot your mouth off. and ya know what..not 1 injury so id say things went well.