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Video: Close call for tillerman in Philly as ladder truck hits low railroad bridge.

Similar Detroit incident from November 2010

Video above from Tom Kelly IV at phototaker21 showing Philadelphia Fire Department Ladder 25 after it hit a railroad bridge on Carpenter Lane at Emlen Street in Philadelphia's West Mount Airy neighborhood. No injuries reported. More at

PA Philadelphia ladder truck hits bridge

This is somewhat similar to the incident in Detroit in November of 2010 when Engine 8 was demolished by a low overpass. Click here for that story.

MI Detroit Engine 8 and overpass


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  • VanMan

    The clearance was clearly posted, and obviously that overpass has been there for years. It has always been the operator's responsibility to ensure that a vehicle is being operated in a safe manner. Our apparatus — except one — all have manufacturers plates on the dash indicating vehicle height. The one that doesn't have it on the dash, has it on the floor; we put a label with vehicle height right above the speedometer. Somebody simply wasn't paying attention. At least no one was hurt.

  • Anonymous

    So, they put those clearance signs on bridges for a reason, huh? How could a crew not know that they don't fit under a bridge in their town?

  • No1Special

    I guess the Height sign in the video meant nothing to the Chaeuffeur? Absolutley preventable and completely unacceptable. 

  • Fire21

    Ummm, there's your sign, right up there on the bridge!

    • Fire21

      I'm really glad the tillerman wasn't injured or worse!!!!

  • WOW

    I would love to hear the radio call for this……especially the tillermans radio….SCREAMS

  • Dmgdriver

    The amazing thing is that the fire house is about 4 blocks away on Germantown Ave.

  • DC Truck

    After this incident the NFPA will now require all tillermen to have a brake pedal!!!

  • Sharppointy1

    Well, that's a big fat whops. Thank God the tillerman was OK.  I wonder what he said to the chauffeur?

  • Volunteer for life

    Fire driver and officer. This is insane.

  • Harvey Glick

    Looks like they were just delievering a bridge to me.

    Let air out of tires and back out!

  • anonymous

    1. Philly doesn’t have chauffeurs. We all operate every part of our apparatus.
    2. That truck was leaving a station where they are not entirely familiar with the area.
    3. The sign is obviously right there and the driver should know the height and weight of the truck that they are operating.
    4. Everyone Fs up, thank god nobody was hurt.
    5. We generally dont use our head sets for communication between driver and tiller. This will probably change.
    6. These guys are going to get banged. Driver, tiller and officer. There will be money taken from them and most likely be transferred to another part of the city.
    7. Philly implemented a forced mass rotation of firefighters. Meaning this is going to happen more frequently with drivers not aware of all the quirks in their new locals.
    8. Stay safe.