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Pre-arrival video: House fire in Spring Township, PA.

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Pre-arrival video from a fire around 1:30 this afternoon at 2301 Grandview Blvd in Spring Township, Pennsylvania (Berks County). Video in two parts by Joshua Hails was first spotted at

News coverage of the fire here.

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PA Berks County house fire


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  • Anonymous

    Thank You to the firefighter that used the striking method to force the door, Way to Go!! I see you teaching that method to the rest of your crew!!

  • DC Truck

    Combat ready? I think not. Those first two guys at the door need  a brush up on their forcible entry skills. Maybe that Dept should invest in a TruForce FE training system!

  • Back stepper

    Pike end into the jam splitting door frame and pop door open. It's really that easy on a wood framed door. 

  • Ritt

    Forcible entry not so much.  Fire Attack – pretty d… good

  • cbj

    That being said, quit fighting with the storm door, take it off and get it out of the way. But before forcing or opening the door get your line charged, Once you open that door you just let the fire eat what it wants, and the line isn't charged, and you don't have water yet. Good time to find out your engine won't go into pump. I alo don't get securing the hydrant before the attck line is stretched. As for the stretch, it's much easier if you line up with the door. I don't get the engine position either. All just simple basic engine work issues. How about venting the dormer window before cutting the roof? Engine made a push, pretty basic job with some things that could be tightened up for constructive criticism sake.

  • Rudedawg

    The "New Science of Firefighting" says hit it from the outside. Put water on the fire. Pretty simple.


    But everyone went home….and we have some cool pics to put on the website…yayyyy I'm a fireman

  • Hmmmm

    No 360 by officer either

  • on the job

    MMMM…anyone see that plain old gas can just sitting on the front lawn, (7:15) very interresting,LOL.

  • Back stepper

    Hit it from outside? Really? I don't care what the "new science" of fire says, obviously it was thought up of non firefighters. Never heard of something so ridiculous. If your going to start defensive then go offensive fine but that was a bread and butter offensive fire. Also, my dept will use its tank water as the chauffeur is hooking up the hydrant. Why else do u have a booster tank. You can do a lot of damage to a fire with 500 gallons and a smooth bore. And at least no ridiculous fan was used during operations. 

  • James smith

    I know house fire is mostly accident ish but its always better that you have your electrical wirings, fire protection and coding with the best electrical contractor in your area to prevent loss of property.

  • cbj

    Well "backstepper" it's time to grasp some of the new realities of the job. Things change, technology changes and yes, sometimes we must admit that through science and avenues not previously available at the beginning of, or during our careers just proves some of our belieifs were flawed. Why is our business so damn resistent to change? We can accept that there is a better alternative to back step riding, eating smoke, rubber coats and 3/4 boots. We can (hopefully) understand the difference in modern construction and materials and how it relates to our work. Yet nobody is going to SOME of us that it just may be in the best interest of the PROPERTY owner to make a hit from the exterior sometimes, slow down the fire spread and then make the push. Accept it. My guess is that it will be a long long time before we finally learn and stop being so damn stubborn. You see we have always taken every new development and applied to every concept and aspect of this business. Like PPE, adjusible nozzles and like that. There IS  a time an place, just learn when it is practical. Now for the flip side: With better forcible entry, a equicker, more effiicient stretch and yes, charging the line before taking the time to tie the hydrant THIIS fire seems to clearly warrant a through the front door interior push. However the same results wouldlikely be had if it was darkended down from the exterior first. I hope to never be in the position to say I never heard of something that is been publicized in our industry as much as the results of the "new science". After all these years I strive to stay informed.

  • Boots

    Two min. to pop the front door? Obvious lack of basics outside(take out that window (2nd fl) with those ladder your running around with) Super knock once inside….Oh for some basic training…

  • Back stepper

    We'll cbj, agree to disagree. My company searches ahead of the line so why in the world would we hit from the outside? New science-old science…it's all BS. Just put water on the fire. You keep fighting fires from the outside with your adjustable nozzle and I will put the fire out with my smooth bore from inside. 

  • FireBoss911

    Whats The point of Vertical Ventiation here? There has been water on the fire for quite a while. Just Added to the Damage. Look Up the word Coordination in the dictionary, then apply to Coordinated Ventilation. Amateurs. Do me a favor and go to FDIC this year and take the following classes: Basic Forcible Entry, Modern Fire Behavior, and Watch the Latest UL program on modern fire behavior, vertical vent and transitional attack. You guys are embarassing. Our Explorers would make you guys look silly. Learn your trade and stop eating so much!

    • Vulcan

      Keep patting yourself on the back jack wagon. Must be Gods gift to firefighting here