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Caught on video: Explosions at Arkansas house fire. Plus, meet Maddox the world renowned action journalist.

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Above is video of a house fire on Springwood off of Majestic Lodge in Garland County, Arkansas Wednesday that includes an interesting series of explosions late into the fire. You will see the explosions at the top of the video and again at 3:57.

AR Rockwell house fire with explosions

The video is from paul maddox of who also appears to be quite interesting. He drives around in the vehicle pictured below and bills himself as Maddox the "world renowned action journalist". Considering he is on the World Wide Web, that is not an exaggeration.

AR Maddox world renowned journalist

Maddox makes his appearance at 8:58 in the video to provide more details on the news video we just saw and some additional information about his recent travels, all while the scanners play in the background. And yes, before you say it, this is exactly how Dave Statter's TV career likely would have started if he was born in the 90s instead of the stone age. Go get 'em Maddox.

AR News crew

Dave WTOP car 1982


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  • Scooter

    Dave where can I get an application?  I will apply if they let me call a segment "Strike Da Box"  WOW…… K

  • slackjawedyokel

    you might want to think about relocating –Hot Springs was 60 degrees today –and horse racing

  • paul b

    Did he say Retired Police?? I want my Charger issued now please!

  • Sharppointy1

    I'm considering a career change now. 

    What do ya'll suppose it was that blew up in that burning trailer?

  • willowbay

    Dave, I'm presuming that is you in the black and white photo?  What a great look back at reporting some years ago, and I love the view of the car dash, and all the equipment.  Car dashboards were completely different then – maybe the 1970's?  Handsome guy, multi-tasking.

    • dave statter

      I don’t know about handsome, but the guy behind the beard is me working for WTOP radio in about 1983.