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Pre-arrival video from a San Jose, CA house fire

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This is a video I missed but I am making up for it by running it on the one year anniversary of the fire. I just happened upon it when looking for another video. The fire occurred on January 12, 2013 near the intersection of Sibelius Avenue and Rigoletto Drive in San Jose, California and left 10 people homeless. The video was taken by Ltsmexicanos.

Mirna Alfonso, Milpitas Patch:

Arriving firefighters saw flames in the garage and noted that the fire had spread into the attic space and burned through into the home's shared attic space, San Jose fire Capt. Michael Van Elgort said.

No one was injured in the blaze, which 28 firefighters had knocked down by 11 a.m., the captain told Patch.

CA San Jose Rigolletto house fire 1-12-13


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  • WOW

    why do you guys get so butthurt if the first in engine doesnt lay a supply line?

    When you are in a gib city, the next engine is 3 minutes out, get in and HIT THE FIRE, the second due can bring the supply line, and in this above scenerio, that supply line, layed right down the middle of the road would have shut that round down and you couldnt get trucks in there…


    granted, that second engine didnt lay a line, but in my area, that is SOP, first in hit the fire, second in, bring a supply line…


  • Anonymous

    great job pushing the fire inside to out the garage door opening

  • Sally

    You can't push fire. It's been proven by N.I.S.T.  Hit it fast,…….. hard from the yard, as LAFD likes to say.

    • Fire21

      Sally, they "extinguished" the fire from inside the home to the outside through the garage door.  Pushing it or not, they did a good job of gittin it.  Took longer than I expected to start the attack, but they got it from the inside out.

  • Surfer

    For me it would have been awfully tempting to unload the deck gun into that garage.

    • Anonymous

      I would not do the "deck gun". You do a great job of dumping your tank quickly, but do to the height of a deck gun, you only put out what is burning in the lower part of the front of the garage. You are much better off pulling a line operating it into the overhead a rear of the garage. I see a lot of "moth to flame" activities on these videos, some justified some not. It is nice to see a line calmly deployed to the interior and hitting the fire from there.This tactic gets you into the home to cut off extension to the interior, search and get into the attic quickly by pulling ceilings. And the fire went out. Cannot  beat it.

  • Fire DOC

    Things get better quicker when you apply water and in this case a quick  hit from the exterior resets the fire….

    as it relates to laying out…. always lay in unless you can hit the hydrant in close proximity of the front (leave access for aerial) or do we assume our second IS ALWAYS 3 minutes out… take it with you to ensure you have what you need…   


  • Lieu

    I don't think they hit it from the interior. It appears at around 4:50 they back out, hit it from the driveway, and then go interior again.