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Raw video: FDNY at all hands in Brooklyn

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This is an old one just posted to YouTube by hladder7 of an all hands fire in Brooklyn at Gates Avenue and Lewis Avenue on July 13, 2011.

NY FDNY Brooklyn Gates & lewis


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  • ftroop52

    funny, i quess cops need to show firemen how to bust open a door,seems to be a problem nowadays,or maybe buy a saw that cuts open doors,they all ready have one that can only be used to cut open roofs,,,,geeezzzzzzz

    • Mack Seagrave

      ftroop52, please stick to commenting on things that you know something about. Clearly you have zero knowledge of how to force entry on a fortified entry point such as the one the truckies in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn were working on. This type of scenerio is quite common to the FDNY Brothers and they are both very familiar with and adept at defeating these barracades. BTW, many manufacturers of firefighting equipment (including all types of forcible entry tools) ask the FDNY to field test their products due to the great frequency that the department fights fire.

  • Boots

    ftroop52-WTF-That was a steel security gate ,wizz  kid. I would love to see u tackle one!

  • First-Due

    Well, ftroop52, why don't you pay FDNY a visit, and show them how it's done!