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Video: Couple killed in West Quebec fire

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Things got a bit warm as firefighters retrieved equipment from the roof of a farm house in Quebec's Pontiac region Saturday night where two people died.

Chris Hofley, Ottawa Sun:

Emergency responders arrived at 3122 Wilson Rd. at about 10 p.m. to find the home completely ablaze, with two people still inside.

The extent of the fire made it impossible for rescue crews to enter the building, police said.

The owners of the home, who lived on the main floor, were able to escape to safety and call 911.

The two victims, at least one of which was a tenant, were staying the basement unit in the home. They were found in different areas of the basement, said police.

CN Ottawa double fatal house fire


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  • Anonymous

    Don't place your ladder in front of a window when going to the roof. Cut the hole and get down. Why would you ever leave all your equipment on the roof after cutting the hole? Sorry for the families loss. Stay safe Brothers!

  • Fire21

    Nuff said!!

  • Mack Seagrave

    Not only did they make the mistake of placing the ladder infront of a window to get roof access, Once the ladder is enveloped in fire they climb back up to the roof without repositioning it out of harm's way. It's also troubling to see yet another department that doesn't understand the basic concept that water must be applied  at a rate that overwhelms the fire. This is never accomplished by using small handlines and hollow streams from fog nozzles.

  • willowbay

    I agree.  There seems to be quite a wind also. This was a two fatality fire, both in the basement, where the fire allegedly started.  The two renters in the basement allegedly had warrants out for their arrest in Alberta.  The people upstairs were apparently warned by smoke detectors and called 911.  Glad everyone else was OK.