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Pre-arrival video at Warren, OH muffler shop. Plus citizen with camera calls firefighter a “punk”

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(Thanks to reader Jeremy Rodgers for sending along this video.)

This is quite the video. It captures the early stages of a fire yesterday at a muffler shop in Warren, Ohio. It's 14 minutes that includes a constant play-by-play of the fire by the videographer, including providing time checks. You hear the relief valves on the tanks inside.

The man with the camera apparently wasn't fond of being told to move by a firefighter stretching some hose and tells no one in particular, "Hey, dont mess with me. How about that?". This is followed by, "See you after the fire punk" and "one smart fireman". I am gathering he didn't have that face to face with the fireman after it was all over. At least it isn't on the video.


Warren muffler shop was destroyed Monday afternoon by a fire, which also destroyed three vehicles inside.

Firefighters responded to Lifetime Muffler and Auto Repair, 2643 W. Market St., about 3 p.m. Flames and smoke were pouring out of the building when firefighters arrived, but they did manage to recover two vehicles from inside. Three others were burned before the flames were extinguished.

OH Warren Muffler Shop


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  • Anonymous

    Ok it looks like they hand drug back to the hydrant instead of laying in. ( I don' see the logic in that.) And why do they have the deck gun on the Engine? I guess it's only for the realy big fires. (lol) The way this sounded with all those relief valves poping on the cylinders inside I would have liked to see it knocked down/cooled down with the deck gun and then moved in with the hand lines for saftey.

    • Richard Criscione

      I agree ,they gambled by going at it with hand lines,as a "gun" and a ladder with a deluge would have been safer than getting so close to this fire. The contents of the bldg. make me say this because,why endanger FF, if you have another option. That said, they did a great job knocking this fire down,again, rolling the dice !

    • Anonymous

      The other rig was a quint which was going to deploy its own water supply for ladder ops. However while getting the primary water supply set up another multiple alarm structure fire was called reported.

      I cocnur deck gun operations would have been a great plan but that call is above my pay grade.

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  • Harvey Glick

    1/2 story exposure (green) non combustable saved. Next time, please lay out and think about using your wagon pipe. Stay safe!

  • Anonymous

    Why do we seriously even bother specing deck guns on apparatus anymore?  First line stretched was a crosslay, are ya freaking kidding me?!?  At least someone wised up and at least grabbed a 2 1/2!  Piss poor as usual.  

  • KyleK

    I'm with Anon…handlines just aren't initially going to be effective on this one. Lay a line; spot for effect; use deck gun with smooth bore tip for reach (I'd try for 800 gpm (1-3/4" tip) if the hydrant can sustain it); stretch handlines for any exposures.

    I am glad it didn't "blow" (too many tv shows??). I have given up on telling people to get out of the way.

  • DownSouth

    Agree with anonymous. Why do we even spec out deck guns? I’m guessing tunnel vision,lack of calls, experience.

  • Fire21

    I feel that ignorance can be corrected with education; stupidity just is, period.  This videographer is simply ignorant of fire dept and fire ground operations.  He doesn't understand that we don't do like the Chinese military pilots of post-Korea…We don't sit in the engines, ready to roll at jet fighter speed to get to the fire.  We take time to get dressed in protective gear, and we drive at a reasonable hurry-up pace with firefighter and citizen safety at the forefront.  We do like to see people who are on-scene protected from harm, so we tend to move them back a ways…distance equals better protection.

    The dilemma in this is how to educate all the ignorant on-lookers in why we do what we do.  I don't have an answer, because we all tend to stay pretty busy tending to business!  Our best bet is education in the schools…the upcoming generations.

    As for the attack, yeah, a gun would have been best, but they did knock it down, and I saw no reports of injuries.  After all, the building was totally destroyed before the dept got there, so whatever they did wasn't going to make things worse…unless they got heroic and got people hurt.  JMHO…….

  • FlLtFiremedic

    I wish this video would be played on the news, just so the public can critique the videographer.  Did he even confirm the FD had been called BEFORE he grabbed his camera to video the fire? Critizing the FD response then when they ask him to move back (not leave, not stop recording, not violate his "constitutional rights") so they can get the job done that he is critical of, he has a middle school fit.  I just don't understand the mentality of people any more.

  • Jan