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Helmet & dash-cam video from Asiana Airline crash where victim was run over by San Francisco FD fire trucks


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CBS News:

CBS News has obtained video never seen publicly before that shows the chaotic scene of the Asiana Airlines crash landing in San Francisco last summer, where a 16-year-old who survived was later killed by a fire truck.

The video is important because it may answer a key question: How was Ye Meng Yuan later run over by the truck?

Video from a camera mounted on a firefighter's helmet was provided to CBS News by a source close to the family of Ye Meng Yuan. Other video comes from the fire truck.

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CA San Francisco Asiana video CBS


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  • Anonymous

    Hard to argue that the priority was making entry into the plane when nobody is wearing SCBA.

  • puzzled

    It doesn't look good for the home team.

  • willowbay

    What a tragic thing to happen.  Isn't it normal procedure to check vitals on any victim, even if they're lying on the ground outside the aircraft, even if they're unconscious?

  • Anonymous

    I guess if they were thinking of this as an MCI maybe that victim would get classified as black (deceased) just by the fact that they are motionless/unresponsive. But why not atleast move them body if you are affriad it might be damaged further or lost? A firefighter was literally standing almost on top of her and never even took the minute at the most to move her out of the way. This looks really bad. 

  • puzzled

    On incidents such as this, bodies and debris cannot be moved until the NTSB investigators have taken measurements and extensive photographs. Posting someone, (if necessary) or otherwise mark the location, to prevent contanimination or destruction of the evidence.

  • RustyRroNJ

    Yea, they are in trouble here.

    1st they failed basic triage by not checking vitals.  A quick check for breathing and a pulse takes about 10 seconds.  Hard to argue that nobody on that scene had 10 seconds over all the time she way lying on the ground.

    2nd They didn't post some one to stand by the body, which the officer in charge could have done himself.

    3rd They claimed she was obscured, and only months later admit that she was known about.  They had access to at least the Truck camera months ago.

    4th They claim making entry was more important, which it might have been for the first few minutes.  But she was run over 15 minutes after the driver was told she was there.  In that time there should have been sombody who could have marked her location if nothing else.  I understand not moving a body until investigators arrive so they can mark where it was, but you should still put some indicator of it's location.  Especially, when trucks are moving all around the area.

  • $$$$$

    Their daughter was run over by a fire truck! The family deserves money….I mean to know what happened. (Sarcasim)

  • http://statter911 Jacob keppler

    I would move the girl out the way Jacob keppler