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Raw video & radio traffic from a basement fire in a Meriden, CT apartment building

Matt Van Ness (MeridenFireVideos) video of a fire in the basement of an apartment building at 55 Essex Court in Meriden, Connecticut Tuesday night.

CT Meriden basement fire Essex Ct


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  • Mack Seagrave

    "Don't break any more windows!" Hmmm… it doesn't appear that any front windows had been broken … or even opened for that matter. Proper ventilation assists in moving heat and smoke away from the nozzle team, improves visibility for firefighters who are searching for life and fire extension and it can assist in providing some breathable air at floor level for any victims (humans or their pets). Yup, let's just keep as much heat and smoke inside the building as possible, because … ???

  • Back stepper

    Agreed…as long as water is on the fire. If not, no ventilation except vertical. Which in basement fire is tough to do.