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Raw video: House fire in Dunmore, PA.

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Video from bmwmotorcycles of a house fire on Thursday in Dunmore, Pennsylvania (Lackawanna County).

Peter Cameron & Kyle Wind,

Orange flames shot out holes in the roof and the fire ravaged the attic and the second floor of the house at 404 Mortimer St. before firefighters extinguished the blaze.

After arriving about 2:30 p.m. to the house, firefighters tried to attack the interior but flames pushed them into defensive positions, Dunmore Fire Chief Christopher DeNaples said.

Using a tall ladder extended from a truck, a fireman blasted the smoldering house with a high-powered hose from above, while another doused it from the street in front, knocking debris from the facade and sending a river of dirty water down the hill. The fire was mostly out by 5 p.m.

PA Dunmore house fire 1-16-14 1 PA Dunmore house fire 1-16-14 2 PA Dunmore house fire 1-16-14 3


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  • Volunteer for life

    Wish we had more video. Fire looked like the fd coulda held it. Oh well Dunmore couldn't do anyless to save it.

  • Jeff Dostalek

    WOW. I am at a loss for fire tactics, safety, common sense. People this a prime example of why we have 100+ deaths a year. Lucky noone was hurt or killed.

    • Pedro

      Not really – we lose about 20 firefighters a year on scene.  The rest of us die of heart disease and car accidents.

  • Rudedawg

    Look at what occurred shortly after the horizontal ventilation of the windows. If ventilation occurs without a direct attack on the fire, the oxygen deficient enviroment becomes oxygen enriched. When a window is vented, and turbulent black smoke begins to exit; that is not a safe place to go into. This fire was ventilation limited in the begining. I presume a crew had entered the front door for the initial attack, and that door was propped open. As soon as the windows were vented, the air flow path was changed allowing the fire to grow rapidly. Everybody should start to read the Underwriters Laboratories test infromation. This was a situation that very easily could have got the attack crew that entered from the window killed, but nobody recognized that potential. Seriously, take the time to read the information that has just come out on firefighting. It may change the way you think, and save a life.

    • Art Franklin, SFD

      I see your PHD is serving you well. Your "presumptions" are wrong. First, these crews were trying to work from the unburned side toward the fire load. Secondly, there was a collapse of a second and third floor exterior porch while they were attempting entry- thus affecting the interior fire condition. Third, the engine pumping the hose line lost its ability to throttle up to charge the line. Hey, dont ever let the truth get in the of a good story. BTW, this once SFD was converted to 4 (maybe 5) appartments was built over 100 years ago using baloon frame construction.

      Every fire department has that one guy who knows how to do everything better than everyone else. My guess is thats you and your department is just plain sick of listening to you so you post here. Take your own advice and "take the time" to get the whole picture.

      Art Franklin

      • JW

        Art, they were wrong, just accept it. This was a terrible display of 'firefighting'. I'd say it another way, but it would be against the rules of this site. 


  • Anonymous

    Well thats one way to burn a house!

  • Mr. Obvious

    Well thats one way to do it……….

  • Retired FF4Lyfe

    Not one to play KIC but just wondering why didnt they go in the front door or is there a part of the video I’m missing? Just a question.

  • John

    I try not to be the guy that Monday morning Quarterbacks but the biggest mistake I saw was if they were attempting to Vent Enter Search at least mask up first than take the window and go.  The lag time between taking the window and masking up and entering thre structure gave that thing the air it needed to really start rockin'.  Looks like they were headsu up to read the smoke and get everyone out before that second floor flashed.

  • Scooter

    This thing was screaming VENT ME ! Looks like we are looking at the rear of the house. Out of what 5 or 6 FF's on the porch roof one had a tool… what were the other nuts doiing going for a morining strole ?  More aggressive ventilation and a good push up the interior steps may have had a different out come (for the better)  Strike Da Box! K

  • roofhook22

    LODD's from interior firefighting is not 100 per year, not even close, this is not to diminish the deaths we do have from interior firefighting.  Maybe they were tasked with trying to conduct a quick primary of these rooms??  Doors may have been absent or unable to otherwise control??  This looked to be a fairly large house that had many spaces for fire to run.  I do wonder why each member did not have a tool, does not look like a TIC camera was used??  Maybe not take the windows until masked up, Other than that will have to wait for more info from those that were their.

  • Back stepper

    I have no problem at all with VESing, but that surely wasn't what they were doing. I'm not about ready up on studies and things like that. It's basic ff. Not saying what Rudedawg isn't correct, I'm more of get your head out of your ass and start training. I'm hoping with what we saw that there is a huge piece of the puzzle we can't see. Collyiours(misspelled) mansion maybe but other than that I don't think the interior stairs were burnt away from a fire that started above. They may have a lot of fires and not a good training facility, who knows. Now if the line had gone in front door and the OV had gone up-taken the window-popped in and closed the bedroom door. Then conduct primary search of that room and moved on to rest of he floor-that would have been excellent move. Plenty of time for correct VES of second floor…IF THE LINE HAD MADE ITS WAY UP.

  • Northeast Jake

    So from the time the firefighter vents the first window to flashover is 2:15.  You can clearly see that after the first window is vented, the volume and push of the smoke continues to increase.  The excuse Art Franklin provides is this department was attempting to fight the fire from unburned to burned here but what you have done is created a flow path from the fire to the vent point.  This is a great example of how improper vent techniques can quickly change the interior conditions.  They should have realized after venting the first window that this was a bad idea, all three windows just expedited the flashover process.  They are very fortunate no one was injured.

    • Art Franklin

      Facts are excuses now, Im glad that you set me straight and the structural collapse of the front of the building had nothing to do with creating any change on the interior.


  • Fire21

    Why did that 2nd man climb up the aerial ladder?  Did the nozzleman need some support of some sort?  There's no need for 2 up there!  Maybe they just wanted to keep each other company.  Or #2 man just wanted to look around……

  • David S.

    Another PA house destroyed to poor fire training,who did they learn this from the three stooges.

  • Wizzer

    Art, if you fail to learn from mistakes you are destined to repeat them.
    Why 5 guys on the roof?
    One tool?
    And what was this?
    Vent, wait several minutes for fire to grow
    Enter and leave door open,
    Search, crawl around until helmet gets dirty, exit

    Vent, briefly observe conditions, if possible
    Enter/Isolate, close door, if not possible (no door) expedite step three
    Search and leave

    Repeat via next window…

    I don’t need to know what was done wrong elsewhere, but I do know what was done wrong in the video…plenty
    Use this video to train, study UL info, have a tool and a job or stay back

    Glad no one got hurt, many were lucky!

    • foiledagain

      what was that long white thing they dragged into house through the window? Why was the smoke turning white?

  • foiledagain

    can you explain, as someone who is new im not seeing your point?

  • Waco

    Idiots, plain and simple, end of story.