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Early video: Garage fire on Long Island

It’s been a while since we’ve run a Bill Bennett ( video. We used to run a lot of them when first started. This is a detached garage burning on Wednesday in Oceanside, New York (Nassau County).

NY Oceanside garage fire 1-15-14


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  • Jacob keppler

    The k 12 is tool use Jacob kepppler

  • OldCityCaptain

    “Standing Room Only” in Oceanside!!!! Looked like a convention in the driveway!!

  • ukfbbuff

    My 2 cents from Ca.


    1.Being in the smoke area and putting on your mask face just exposes you to unnecessary smoke and its toxic effects.

    2. At a garage fire such as this, i keep in mind and Oakland,Ca., FF who was injured and off the job for almost a year, when the rear bumper exploded off of the car and hit her in her femur region.

    3. For all of the use and sounds of the rotary saw, I’m surprised that the garage door in the end was rather “Labor Intensive” to get it taken down.

    4. It seems as though for all of the fire activity, you have most of the firefighters in a confined area, again subjected to an unexpected event.

    Where was “Accountability” and “Staging” of personnel located?

    5. Again, with a rotary saw available and all of the personnel on scene it seems that some kind of “C” side ventilation was not attempted.

  • johnnybop

    Camera man in the collapse zone. Sure why not.

    • JW

      Collapse zone, really? They should have been more worried about all of the unknown storage that are in most garages. And about tripping over one another.

  • Pat

    Did all those firefighters arrived in a clown car or was this a 5th alarm garage fire?

    @ukfbbuff- like you said, lucky there was no type of explosion with that many FFs around.