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Fire chief: 8-year-old boy saves 6 in family but dies helping disabled uncle

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Amanda Ciavarri, WHEC-TV:

News10NBC is learning more about three people who were killed in a mobile home fire in Penfield Monday morning. One of the victims is an eight-year-old boy, who gave his own life to try and save his family. Many people are calling that young boy a hero. Fire officials believe he escaped the fire, but went back in to help rescue others trapped inside. Not only are people in the neighborhood where this happened remembering eight-year-old Tyler Doohan, but so are his teachers and friends in the East Rochester School District, where Tyler was in fourth grade.

NY Penfield child tries to save family 2 1-20-14

Jon Hand, Democrat & Chronicle:

Firefighters say Tyler, an 8-year-old who seemingly spent much of his young life in different homes and school districts, was killed along with his grandfather, Louis J. Beach, 57, and Steven D. Smith, 54, in a fire that appears to have been caused by an electrical problem at the front of the trailer.

Tyler was able to wake six people — including two other children, ages 4 and 6 — who all escaped. It was when Tyler tried to help Smith, who uses a wheelchair and crutches because he was without part of a leg, that he was killed.

NY Penfield child tries to save family 1-20-14


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  • agates1272

    Rest well, young man. You have earned your rightful place in Heaven.

  • Fire21

    A hero on earth, a Saint in Heaven. May God bless the souls of those who died, and their families and friends.

  • papmoose

    GOD bless that little boy.he’s a hero and passed long before his time.

  • Davidand Mary Olsen

    This was a brave young man. God bless him and his family.

  • susan

    Why do bad things only happen to good ppl?

    • Susan P

      I have asked myself that question many times. I finally came to the conclusion that the BEST among us don’t need to be here long to earn a place in heaven.

  • Florian Cross

    Dear God, through the intercession of our patron, Saint Florian, have mercy on the souls of our comrades who have made the supreme sacrifice in the performance of their duty, and on all who have gone before us after years of faithful discharge of their responsibilities which now rest on ourselves. Give us Grace to prepare each day for our own summons to Thy tribunal of justice. Into Thy hands, O Lord, I commend my spirit. Withersoever Thou callest me, I am ready to go. Merciful Father of all men, save my from all bodily harm, if it be Thy will, but above all, help me to be loyal and true, respectful and honorable, obedient and valiant. Thus fortified by virtue, I shall have no fear, for I shall then belong to Thee and shall never be separated from Thee. Amen. Rest well, young brother…

  • Kathleen Silverryder

    May the Lord God help your family.
    you are safe little hero

  • Jacob keppler

    That sad but he was brave boy to save his family life Jacob keppler

  • Jacob keppler

    I sorry For the family but he was brave Boy Jacob keppler

  • Scott

    RIP Tyler you inded have earned the right

  • Frances Pridmore

    God Just Took Another Angel Home RIP Tyler

  • Chuck Finnly

    Wow this young man is a true hero! To bad Dave Statter couldnt even get the story right to honor him correctly!! This hero died trying to save his disabled grandfather, both were found on a bed in the rear of the trailer near a window! But I guess it is possible every news station between NY and PA is reporting the wrong information and the boys mother was miss informed by fire officials and made a fool of herself in a live interview by stating the above information……I think not! This site is a joke!

    • DStatter

      Joke or not we thank you for being an engaged reader of STATter911 and participating by commenting. The original news coverage reported that Tyler Doohan was trying to save his disabled “Uncle Steve”. I am not in Penfield and no longer do original reporting. Like most fire sites, I rely on existing news coverage. Later stories indicated he was going after his grandfather. If relaying that apparently wrong information makes this site a joke, so be it. While I always want things to be as accurate as possible, I don’t see how this detracts from what is the focus of this story, a young child who, by all accounts, was a hero. Thanks for your input Mr. Finnly.

      • Shaun Dumont

        Well said Dave, sorry Mr. Finnly feels the need to degrade the site and your editorial experience in such a way. Honestly, I believe you did a great honor by getting the word out about Tyler’s heroic and selfless actions Dave. It doesnt matter if it was his uncle or grandfather he was trying to save, I’m sure in his heart he wanted to save both. Bottom line is he saved 6 and kept going back in. He gave his life trying. Anyone willing to make comments about a simple error in the report, that in NO way took away from honoring Tyler, is actually the one being disrespectful. Thank you as always Dave for trying to keep the rest of us informed and up to date. RIP Tyler

  • Rick

    Rest in peace. You are my true fire fighter brother