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UPDATED – Must see video: Tower ladder leveling issue on Long Island

The video above is from Bill Bennett ( It was taken at a multi-alarm fire early this morning in Long Beach, New York and shows Long Beach Fire Department Tower Ladder 72 having a leveling problem. According to Bill, there was ice in the bucket which added to the safety problems of the steep angle for members John Gargan & Tom Gleason. More on the fire, below.

NY Long Beach TL issue 1-23-14

Timothy Hughes, Newsday:

Long Beach firefighters battled a large structure fire in freezing temperatures early Friday morning on East Beech Street near Franklin Boulevard, authorities said.

The fire broke out in a building in the 500 block of Beech Street just after 1 a.m., said an official with the Long Beach Fire Department.

Nearby residents said the building, a two-story colonial style home, was nearly demolished by the flames. Firefighters knocked on the door of Bob Brennan, who said he lives next door to the house that caught fire.


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  • Fire21

    Well that was strange looking! Good reason to wear the ladder belt!!

  • Loyd Overbay

    Who is the manufacturer of this unit? We had same problems.

  • Ben

    This issue occurs due to the leveling gyro on the bucket freezing up and providing false information to the hydraulic controls.

    • tom gleason

      is that an electrical or hydraulic issue? As one of the members involved and an equipment operator by trade i’d like to know if you can clarify.

    • BILL

      Ben, where did you get your info. I am getting word that the battery supply that feeds the leveling system was dead and that was the reason.

  • Steve Hayes

    It looks like an Aerialscope.

  • Kevin

    Looks like a Seagrave