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Raw video of a house fire in Montgomery County, TX

This is from a fire yesterday in the Conroe, Texas area (Montgomery County). It was shot by SCOTT ENGLE of Here’s some of the description with the video:

Just after noon Cut and Shoot Fire Department was dispatched to a reported house fire on Lakeview Drive near Oakleaf. When they arrived they found a two story home with fire out the roof and second floors. A second alarm was immediately pulled bringing North Montgomery County, Conroe, Caney Creek, Lake Conroe and Needham Fire Departments.

TX Conroe house fire on Lakeview 2 1-23-14


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  • Ed Anderson

    Only 2 things, I wondered how long it would take to move the nice truck out from under the carport and then running a tanker shuttle its always good to put the water in the tank instead of wasting it on the ground.

  • zohgib2625

    Fog nozzles? 1 1/2 hoses? Big fires need big water. Glad there not protecting my community.

  • duck commander

    looked like a training drill,,but nobody showed up,geeezzzzzzzz and we laugh at third world countries

  • Rsqumedic

    I think that in order for the fire to go out, water must be applied….guessing fire attack limited due to water supply issues…hard to fairly judge these guys based on a edited video and no information about the operation limitations….