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Helmet-cam from Beach City, Texas house fire

A house fire handled by the Beach City Volunteer Fire Department in Texas and other nearby departments. Video from josh. No further information.

TX Beach City house fire 2


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  • Cw Taylor


  • Scooter

    WTF was this…. I understand vollies and looked like driver only on 1st in rig… but scooter a 1 3/4 is not your weapon of choice at this job! also looks like tanker shuttle so get the Engines out of the middle of the road, move that tanker and get the drop tank down, let room for one of those engines to set up a draft from it, unload tanker water and get out of there for another load… their going to need more water real soon. NO SIGN OF URGENCY… I know its a looser but for goodness sake put a little zip in your step…. is your company ready for Statter911…..? These Companies were NOT ! Train then train some more… your and other lives depend on it… Strike Da Box! K

  • EnoughAlreadyLI

    Wow, this looks like an aggressive group of fire fighters!!

  • EnoughAlreadyLI

    Wow, these boys are aggressive!

  • fyrecapt

    I think the captain may have been the MC of the fire. Waving at everyone as he WALKED to the fire which looked to have a decent wind behind it. Don’t worry we got this!! lol

  • Just saying

    4 apparatus and 3 FF’s… WTF

  • cburney345

    The department paid good money for that deluge gun on top of the engine. How about using it while the other crews get their hand lines stretched?

  • Will

    Oh my god someone put that house out of its misery

  • Deputydog

    Wow. Good points Scooter. House was a total rightt off but a little effort goes a long way.

  • JB

    Beach City is a small single station volunteer dept on the western portions of Chambers county. This fire is approx. 5 miles from the station. The FF with the helmet came was with Mount Belview FD 14 miles away. Very limited manpower during the day, which had the possibility of each truck having 1-2 personnel with the exception of MBFD. Unknown if any dept from Harris County (Baytown FD) was called.

  • truckee22

    The placement of the first line was pretty poor. Your priority should have exposures, and flowing water ineffectively into the front door on the A side is not covering anything. It seemed like the closest exposure was on the D side, and no attention was given to that until the second line was pulled. They are lucky the second house didn’t catch.
    And I know that water supply might have been a concern but you need a bigger line than a 1 3/4. Big fire needs big water! They should have pulled a 2 1/2 and they would have done some serious work on that fire.

  • clayton

    You can’t judge by a partial video. You can’t see everything that was done by all. I know most of the firefighters that were there and I know they did there best they always do. And they did it With no fire hydrants.