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Raw video & radio traffic from Union City, NJ 6th alarm with report of a backdraft

Raw video with real time radio traffic captured by homer218 at a six-alarm fire Thursday night in Union, New Jersey. North Hudson Regional Fire & Rescue ordered the evacuation of various buildings as the fire grew.

Michaelangelo Conte, The Jersey Journal:

More than 60 people were left homeless by a six-alarm blaze that ripped through three Union City structures in late Thursday’s frigid weather, leaving many residents with nothing but the clothes on their backs and taking up shelter at a city school.

Firefighters responding to the blaze saw smoke coming from the roof of 519 19th Street before a backdraft in the cockloft caused an explosion on the top floor of the three-story building, North Hudson Regional Fire & Rescue Chief Frank Montagne said tonight.

“Once that happened the fire really took off,” said the chief, adding that it spread to 517 19th Street, also a three-story building, and to a garage. “A second alarm was called right away and a couple minutes later it went to three. The fourth alarm was for more manpower and the fifth and sixth were because of the cold weather and fatigue.”

NJ North Hudson 6th alarm 1-24-14


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  • volunteer for life

    Idk I think I like fdny set up 4 towers so FF in them can see where they r putting water. Not shooting blindly with no one on ladders or lobbing water from the street.

    • jim

      Your an idot,

    • Louis DeGeorge

      The street is too narrow for 4 towers .

      • Louis DeGeorge

        Not to mention NY city’s power grid is below ground . No wires to contend with . Jersey city’s grid is above ground , plenty of wires to contend with

  • Back stepper

    At least they ran out of bldg’s to burn down. Terrible that they let all three buildings burn…especially the three story on the 4 side. That’s jersey for ya

    • Rich Nichols

      Hey back stepper what Dept do you work for?

    • Ween

      Cockloft flashed as B1 pulled up on Delta bldg. Wind was blowing to Bravo side, Guys did a good job on Bravo bldg. Let’s hear how you would of fought it.

  • Crowbar

    Excellent video work!

  • volunteer for life

    Looked like room for a tower to me. Stop cramming engines and trucks that just carry manpower close to the scene.Looked like command and fd were 2 steps behind on this one.