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Into The Smoke: Episode 6 – 55 Box – Bladensburg Company 9

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Here’s the latest from “Into The Smoke” with Maryland’s Bladensburg Fire-Rescue (PGFD 809).

Into the Smoke #6


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  • Fire21

    Very impressive deployment of ground ladders. Looked like a well-coordinated operation. But, apparently no-one knows how to fasten an SCBA waist strap!!

  • Ukfbbuff

    A 400 foot 1-3/4 attack line was deployed

    In my FD the cut off length is 300 feet due the need for high pump pressures

    Listening to the sound of the breaking glass and watching it done, did anyone consider the

    Flow Path of the increased oxygen supply and it’s effects on the fire?

    And at one point I think it just got to be the “easier way” to vent as opposed to just
    Open the window

    Still it is a good video

  • fell81

    great video. love the episodes

  • EMT379

    Loved the use of ground ladders and inter-company cooperation. But these boys sure like to break things. Appreciated a comment I heard on an East St. Louis video that they try to open windows first because many of the town’s residents are poor and uninsured.

  • Bravo50

    Safety first please!!!! I saw a lot of FF wearing incomplete PPE and braking glasses all over the place… It´s really necesary to do such a mess with the windows… I think that te cost of the dammage caused by FF is higher that the cost of the fire itself.

    • JustAFireman

      Why are people always worried about breaking windows on a working fire…. it always boggles my mind that people are so worried about breaking windows to allow super-heated gas and toxic smoke out of a burning structure, vs leaving the window intact…

  • C Gough

    This is true mark, but the gentleman working off the ladder on the 2nd floor successfully opened the window, with as much as a “light haze” presenting itself from that apartment. He then proceeded to start smashing the window for no obvious reason other than to satisfy a craving and thus reigning glass onto the jakes below. The fire apartment, sure, but not EVERY window has to be smashed to smitherines.

  • Jonny_OV

    For the couple of you safty sallys and keyboard heros go back and worrie about your 400 calls per year departments. when these boys are going to a fire a week, you boys are trying to figure out how many flash lights and other stuff you bought online you can fit in your helmet. To all the people crying about freelancing it may seem that way because there was so many firefighters what do you expect 4 engines amd 2 truck. It seems to me that eveyone there had a job to do and it was completed just beacuse they didnt all have coast on doest mean it wasnt right. so for all you by the books boys next time your at your little shed fire take your fire fighter 1 on book and through it at the fire and let me know how that works for you.

    • C Gough

      “next time your at your little shed fire take your fire fighter 1 on book and through it at the fire and let me know how that works for you.”

      Next time you’re about to hit that ENTER button, do a spelling and grammar check… And let me know how that works for you :)

  • Cosgrove

    Besides all the arm chair comments. Did anyone happen to notice what is so different from the usual video’s you see on here?? Everyone was moving with a sense of URGENCY. As for the Comment on the 400 attack line . The DCFD regularly uses it and will extend it to 600 . Works great . You should try it.

  • singerff

    when does a RIT team get involved with fireground operations when they are supposed to be standing by for a mayday to be called and to go in to effect rescue // whats up with that ????

  • Mark too

    Yes, taking the entire window provides a superior egress. However, that doesn’t mean that every window needs to always be broken, particularly ones away from the actual fire room. Even more so if the fire has been controlled.

    You are wrong that venting as many windows as possible in the fire apartment and apartment above limiting fire flow. Venting the front windows of the apartment when the fire is in a back bedroom doesn’t limit fire flow, it serves to increase it. Particularly if done before you’re putting water on the fire.

    Excessive venting will not “limit fire flow if it’s hiding somewhere”, it will likely draw it out and not necessarily in a good fashion.

    Waiting to vent a “ventilation limited” fire does not specifically equate to “doing more work than necessary”. However, venting that fire before you are in position to put water on it will likely result in “doing more work than necessary”.

  • Openmind

    Anyone on here complaining about the 400 foot attack line has clearly never used or trained on one to see how effective they can be. They definitely have their place in second and third due engine companies. I have even personally pulled it for alleys or long streaches in my urban department running ast first due engine. The 400′ has never failed me. Those of you who hate it so much have most likely had your fire put out by another engine company with more aggressive tactics.

  • Jack M. Ehoff

    Another “PG sh1t talking” discussion …While you’re all getting carpul tunnel from angrily typing on your salty keyboards, others are “doing work”… and anyway i thought thewatchdesk was shutdown years back

  • Roofman

    600ft of supply line in the street, 3rd due ladder comes in and runs over your supply line, bursting the cupeling. How are you going to get water through that engine now?

    • Mark too

      Why would the 3rd due ladder run over the supply line, particularly near a coupling?