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The ambulance driver. What do you think of this?

Check out the crash scene where this crew was headed

Video through the front windshield of an ambulance in Poland, reported to be headed to a car crash on Thursday. Here’s how the person who sent it to me described it:

Watch how he is on the other side of Town and passes the second due Engine and he meets the first due Engine on the scene.

Poland Krakow ambulance driver


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  • Msradell

    He certainly was going faster than the norm in the states for a run like this but overall he really didn’t have any close calls. In addition it was nice to see how hard the vehicles worked to get out of his way, something you don’t see so often here.

    • markB

      I saw at least two close calls – one where he met oncoming traffic in the left lane (the oncoming car moved out of the way at the last second, but the ambulance didn’t really slow down – at 3:21), and one where he was in a lane that was ending, and had to cut off a small truck – at 2:22. If the truck hadn’t stopped, the ambulance would have ended up on the sidewalk.

  • Fire21

    Goodness, got a bit carried away, didn’t he!! At least we know he didn’t kill anyone…but might have after the video ended.

  • sharppointy1

    Oh my hell, as we Utahns say. How fast was he going? For an accident barely above a fender bender?

    • Fire21

      Where did you hear it was a minor crash? The split-second view of one of the cars showed, I thought, some halfway serious damage…enough to blow air bags.

  • gunsnhoses

    Oh my God. I’m coining it first, “POLISH ROULETTE”

  • Scooter

    What else can you say but “giddy up” Strike Da Box !

  • Mefrfiter

    Scary driving, passed the fire truck and into the other lane of divided road. speed !!

  • Burned-Out Medic

    For a couple of neck pains? No thank you.

  • Russell Randolph

    AFTER I cleaned my shorts and got a shot of Jameson….I would have gotten out at mcdonalds…..I kept waiting for the crash but that was bullshit

    • Tom Madigan

      Gee Russ I was having flashbacks to the 80’s in NY with you… But we never came close to beating a second due…we were usually in the wrong borough

  • C Gough

    driver must’ve watched too many pumpfire / PG County response videos on Youtube. I do like the frog on the dashboard though. It will be a nice farewell image for the little girl he eventually runs over, the smiling dashboard frog.

  • Old poop

    Calling all KICS’s, jump in now before it’s too late.
    Where does it show that is the second due engine?Maybe they weren’t even on the same run.
    I wish I could judge someones speed by watching a video, how does that work?
    If you don’t like his (or her) driving; then don’t do that stuff. Stop passing judgement based on a random slice of video off the internet.

  • dano

    I would have got out ,kissed the ground that I was still alive , then I would have kick the s==t out of that driver.

  • Epijunky

    Whoever was driving was very fortunate that things didn’t go south for them. This is just freaking ridiculous.

  • CowboyRon Burch

    Mother, Jugs, and Speed

  • Old Guy

    I’ve driven wagon/pumper, but I don’t remember the pumper passing the wagon. I’m pretty sure I would have hit the driver in the head with an O2 tank. The driver is a menace.

  • Bronwen K. Williams

    Seems he had to go very far, wasn’t there a closer responder station? Re. the driving, except where he chooses to go in the lanes clearly meant for opposing traffic, it isn’t much different from what we see in Quebec province, Canada LOL :) I agree with other comments – it is very nice to see all other traffic, in both directions, to rapidly move out of the way.

  • crawz

    there must be a 3 painted on the door of that ambulance…..

  • Nick Gilbert

    Are we really comparing Polish responses to our responses?