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Must see: Snow plow operator threat to firefighter job security

The video above is the natural follow-up to a story we did in 2011 about a man in Michigan putting out the fire in his neighbor’s living room with a snow blower pushing snow through the picture window (see video below). Somehow I missed this one when it was posted in 2012. It shows a snow plow operator somewhere handling a car fire in a somewhat similar fashion.  Thanks to our friends at Firefighter Close Calls for passing this on.

Snowplow puts out car fire


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  • Fire21

    I spent my career as a Dept of Trans worker, including running a snow plow. I never got to do anything that cool!! Good thinking on the part of that operator.

  • lramsd

    That was nice of him but now the fire department doesn’t have access to the engine compartment to make sure the fire is completely out.

  • puzzled

    I hope he doesn’t get in trouble with the union for doing someone elses job.

  • RNmedic

    Hey jealous little firefighter babies, your job isn’t hard. You’re not all the heroes you think you are. This guy did a great job. Who cares if you have to put your sandwich and video game controllers down to come shovel it out “and make sure the fire is out”. This was fantastic!