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Must see: Firefighter handcuffed at crash scene by California Highway Patrol

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UPDATE: Chula Vista FD chief defends firefighter’s actions

Listen to police & fire radio traffic about dispute leading to firefighter being handcuffed


Two people were transported to the hospital after a car struck a construction barrier on northbound Interstate 805 in Chula Vista (Tuesday evening).

An unusual incident also took place during the response to the accident. 10News was told a firefighter responding to the crash parked in the No. 1 lane on southbound I-805 and California Highway Patrol officers told him to move.

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He did not move the engine and ended up detained and in handcuffs inside a CHP patrol car. He was later released. The exact details that led to the incident were unclear.

San Diego, California News Station – KFMB Channel 8 –

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CBS News8 cameras were rolling when the firefighter and CHP officer got in a dispute over where the fire engine should park, while responding to the crash on I-805 near L Street.

CBS News8 video shows the CHP officer cuffing the firefighter, who was still in his uniform, at the scene of the accident. In the background, other fire crews and officers can be seen tending to the victims of the rollover accident.

The firefighter was detained in the back of a CHP vehicle for about half an hour before being released. CHP and Chula Vista Police say both agencies will meet on Wednesday to discuss the incident.

CA Chula Vista firefighter arrested 2 2-4-14



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  • David Funk

    Troopers are experts at pulling that “My cock is bigger than yours” gag. Had a Virginia one pull my wife and I over because I threw my hands up after he cut us off.

    • Brannon Robertson

      Sounds like it was you that was trying to show off your cock first. Regardless. You are right about this firefighter situation. The trooper handled that wrong. I’ve never met an officer in my life that would ever handle this situation in such a way.

      • OldNYFirefighter

        Since the driver was probably also the pump operator, had there been a fire flare up, that officer would in a load of $hit for interference of a firefighter performing his job.

      • Mr.Dbag

        Sounds like you’re a douchebag who thinks it’s OK to trample people’s rights ‘because you can”.

    • DP

      All about the food chain. If you are a fish and you tell a shark to go f* himself what do you think would happen? Some sea creatures can’t handle constructive criticism.

  • volunteer for life

    So he puts the ff in cuffs so he can’t treat the victim and truck still wasn’t moved? I bet ff was following sop’s.

    • Unbiased

      Did you see how cocky the ff was?. Why would he the ff make a scene, doesn’t that also deter from treating the victim.

      • IDConstitutionist

        I did not consider the fireman to be cocky, but more astonished or surprised that he was being cuffed.

  • Earl

    “NOT ALL” but a lot of these law enforcement officers have a hard time being told NO even when they do not understand the situation. You can’t even explain why something needs to be done a certain way because “your showing them up”. The problem is law enforcement does not get the respect they used to from folks mostly because of the actions of a few bad apples over the years so it seems a lot of them have this “us against the world mentality”. Get off your high horse LEO, your looking pretty foolish right now!

    • Teddy

      Law enforcement has always fell into the us against the world mentality, it’s just worse now.

    • Alex

      It’s few bad apples (99%) that make good cops (1%) look bad!

  • Ron Mock

    Lawyer up Mr FF/EMT One picture is worth a thousand words. The trooper is guilty of OBSTRUCTION of YOU performing your Lifesaving skills.

    • JD

      You are absolutely correct, Ron. When are these piggies gonna learn?

  • Chris Bassett

    This is getting to be a problem …I think all LEO need to take the same class we have on apparatuses placement at the scene of an accident .. then maybe this will stop .

    • Samuel Knerl

      I have stated this for a year now! Every LEO should have basic EMT skills as well because they are more than likely the first on the scene, especially in rural areas where many of us live. I think once they see the bigger picture (and perhaps we can weed out some of the low IQ fellas out there) as well as give them the ability to save lives as part of their work instead of a continual negative job duty list. I know I’d look forward to my day more.

      • GrumpyGranny

        Especially considering the low rate of compensation for EMTs who do the vital work of assessing and stabilizing the most vulnerable among us, we need to get a grip on the overtime problem, employ more professionals and weed out the rotten apples. Much the same recipe for all American level governments. They seem to have become convinced that they know best, at least for their own interests, past, present and future and devil take the hind most among the taxpayers.

  • John

    In NH, the legislation has given the “senior most fire official” ultimate authority during an incident on every roadway/highway in the state. If a private ff has that role and demands every lane to be shut down then so be it. This cannot happen in our state.

    • firetoyou

      What is the law in California?

  • Lucie Ke

    This trooper overstepped his authority by breaking the law, he prevented this firefighter from performing lifesaving measures! He should be charged and made to take refresher course on what to do in an emergency situation! This firefighter bet not have this on his record either!!!

  • Carl Youngblood

    since when did cops become god when the firefighter was preventing his fellow brothers from getting hit its called blocking so that god forbid someone came close to the seen without stopping they would hit the trucks not the personnel the cops should leave firefighters alone.besides that they are supposed to work together not against each other

  • Jeff J

    The engine was placed where it protected the FIREFIGHTERS from traffic. The firefighter is only concerned with their safety. The idiot cop should know that.

  • SophiaWeisheit

    Lets see, false arrest, false imprisonment, harassment, civil rights violation, etc, etc…. this firefighter should be able to retire and live quite large on the settlement. That CHP moron better hope to God that this never gets in front of a civil jury!

  • Dave

    LEO should be charged with Obstruction and a Federal investigation should ensue. The patient could sue for delay of medical care as well.

  • Rick

    Unless you know the hole story, I wouldn’t make a comment . I play both sides of the street as a Deputy/Medic and I’m stationed @ a F.D. In Indiana we take the same classes as F.D it’s called In Time. So unless your there. Don’t comment .

  • David Dubois

    the cops are at the point they don’t serve us any more they just about themselves let the fire rescue do there job and save lives you are there to direct traffic away from accident

  • CypressJim

    Firefighters have learned to use their vehicles in a protective box around an incident. SMART! LEOs try to keep traffic moving. Safety trumps traffic flow. Unfortunately the LEOs have the guns and cuffs. Thankfully where I live the LEOs work diligently with the firefighters. In a recent incident the LEOs blocked both north and sound bound lanes of an interstate to allow the Firefighters and EMS to perform their jobs more easily. They’re all on the same side!

  • Crystal Hatch

    What a load of horse crap!! Emergency vehicles have right of way! Parking, driving against traffic, running lights all with due regard. Had the car exploded NOONE would have been griping about where he parked.

  • Fire21

    The trooper handled it wrong. I don’t know how many lanes that hiway is, but, from what I see in the video the wrecked car is on or nearly on the inside shoulder, making the #1 lane one of those that passing traffic would use. If what I see is correct, then the engine should never have been parked in the #1 lane, unless he was protecting the scene, which is never mentioned in the story.

  • Mike W Gerry

    Lets put it a way Cop’s will understand, First off if your IQ is above 110 your to smart to be a Cop, Oops sorry I said cops would understand. How about this way Most cops have this Bully attitude or the when I arrive I’M in Control. So anyone that says no to what I say is breaking My law so I’m going to arrest them. It really dosen’t matter what is going on they seem to think they are Gods out here. Protecting us, don’t make me laugh to hard, please now lets be real.

  • pineview8850

    Newsflash for all you sidewalk lawyers. CHP has scene management control on all highways in their jurisdiction. This has been a problem for years between CHP and fire. Sadly, I would like to agree that there was probably a better way, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do.

    • Uniform Friendly ;-)

      Like realize a fire engine offers a lot more crash protection (for EMS PD FD &victims)then a cruiser????

      • DStatter

        Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE smartphone

        ——– Original message ——–

    • AKMaineIac

      CHP has the authority to “direct traffic”… that’s it. Otherwise, show me the relevant California Code that says this.

      The one I found says this…

      “2410. Members of the California Highway Patrol are authorized to
      direct traffic according to law, and, in the event of a fire or other
      emergency, or to expedite traffic or insure safety, may direct
      traffic as conditions may require notwithstanding the provisions of
      this code.”

      Nowhere in the California Code is there any clause or provision that says they are responsible for telling the fire department where to position their equipment, and have any authority to arrest them for not obeying.

      In fact…

      148.2. Every person who willfully commits any of the following acts
      at the burning of a building or at any other time and place where
      any fireman or firemen or emergency rescue personnel are discharging
      or attempting to discharge an official duty, is guilty of a
      1. Resists or interferes with the lawful efforts of any fireman or
      firemen or emergency rescue personnel in the discharge or attempt to
      discharge an official duty.”

      There’s no exemption for overzealous law enforcement officers…

      I’ve done both, and each has a role to play and an extremely important job. They should be working together. This is bullshit.

  • Teresa L Gamble Morgan

    that was really stupid on the cops part!! the firefighter was performing his duties trying to help injured people. what about the cops car? was he arrested for leaving his car parked on the side of the freeway? this is a really stupid incident and i hope the fire dept sues the police dept for this!! someone’s life could have been in danger while he was being arrested!!!

  • Steve

    Complete abuse of police power

  • cheri

    disgusting!! Firefighters are concerned about the safety of themselves on scene, the public, and yes other public servants…. Cops they just seem to always want to get the traffic going as their main concern and not looking at the big picture.. This firefighter needs to get a good lawyer and defend his case and service….

  • Bobert

    Pathetic. Just shows you in order to be a cop, you have to have a douche bag personality in the first place.

  • the influence

    It is truly unfortunate when power and intimidation interfere with reasoning. Our society is riddled with individuals that believe they are owed something. They have their camera phones ready to go for any sense of injustice brought upon them, this ignorant move by the CHP only adds fuel to their fire. I certainly hope that this officer is a rookie with poor training and communication skills.

  • fluffy

    the alledged chp officer had no reason for detaining the fire fighter he was doing what he was told by his commanding officer to protect the men using the truck also to make it easier to access tools for the job the cop should be fire what an ass clown

    • normr

      Why hasn’t CHP come out with an explantation of their officers actions along with an apology and also a statement indicating what discipline the officer will be getting??

  • dr_who_999

    “I don’t give a flying f__k WHO you are. I’m a cop and you will do whatever I say because I’m more empowered than you and my will prevails in ALL situations. That’s why I became a cop so I could tell you what the f__k to do and you MUST do it”

    • Mandy Heaton

      I’m sure your superior officer would love to see this comment. Way to represent the force. I am sure you feel proud.

    • BabyRN

      Lol! You probably became a cop to make up for other things. Get a clue

    • Buford T. Justice

      “I don’t give a flying f__k WHO you are. I’m a cop and you will do whatever I say because I’m more empowered than you and my will prevails in ALL situations. That’s why I became a cop so I could tell you what the f__k to do and you MUST do it” — says the cop who got his lunch money taken from him in high school.

      • Dan Moore

        Dr_Who_999 was being sarcastic and facetious.

  • Carmela Wiant

    are you kidding me how terrible wow that is Police Officer wanting control for sure how sickening. they put their lives on the line for us every day and this is what they get. Really

  • mak

    What a douche!!!

  • mb

    The fire department has the right over the police department in life saving emergencies, that cop ought to be fired and if some one died in that wreck, he ought to be charged with manslaughter. Cops are crowd controls only in that situation, and he way over stepped his bounds, I hope they suspend him or fire him, I would not want him on my local police department, he has a bad attitude, and who cares who’s cocks bigger in that situation, save the people first deal with it later, he is not a leader but a bully pushing power around. If I was the fire department I would sue for unlawful detainment by the police department.

  • Mandy Heaton

    This instantly makes me angry. I don’t understand why we all can’t work together. This has personally happened to me (not the handcuff part and being placed in the back of the cop car), but arguing with a State Highway Patrol officer on the scene of a crash on Interstate 70, where he also belittled me by pointing out his years of service on the OSP (which happens to be a different job description that EMS/FF), and the fact that he was MAN and I am WOMAN. We have a job to do (treat the patients) just like I understand they have a job to do (keep the highway moving and safe, in conjunction with our rescue vehicles), however the pounding on the chest and the “I am in charge” because they carry cuffs and guns is INSANE!!!! My incident was supposed to be resolved by him coming to the FD to apologize and both entities give a training session on their Operations on MVAs on the hwy….. that was 3 years ago, haven’t seen it yet! We’re all Brothers & Sisters in this for the greater good…. why we can’t act that way with each other is quite sad. END RANT!

  • Ron

    Common practice in California with CHP. Not the first time. They are always released after. None are ever booked. But, the patient is not able to get proper care. CHP wonders why they are hated in California.

  • Ken Colditz

    The Fire dept. need the truck near-by to get to their equipment quickly. The police are idiots if they expect the FD to have to walk a distance to help a injured people.

  • Troy

    Who out of these comments was there? What if the fire engine was in a position to cause more damage on the scene? It could have been an easy fix to move the fire engine and let the cop do his job of keeping the scene safe. A cop doesn’t wake up hoping he can handcuff a fire fighter because he wants to prove their fire hose is bigger. News like this is a joke. If the fire engine caused a bigger pile up because the ff refused to move it would I have even read this?

    • patandfritz

      Then entire section of highway needs to be shut down to protect all the responders as well as victims. I have worked a scene where the cops wanted the highway left open. After my butt got brushed by a passing car I demanded the road be shut down. I refused to go any further until MY LIFE was protected. Firefighters are trained to NOT cause more harm. Unless you are a firefighter I wouldn’t judge.

  • firetoyou

    What is the Law in California, Does CHP have control at the scene of an accident or does the fire department?

  • JoeSchmoe

    I thought we were all on the same team? Working together to save lives? WTF is this crap? Seriously CHP?

    First of all the FF needs to lawyer up. This has happened before and the firefighter sued. Won a nice big comfy paycheck courtesy of the police officer and his department. I would sue them into the dirt.

    Second of all to the CHP trooper. Shame on you. I really hope you do not need help someday if you get in an accident. FF’s may not show up if it’s this department.

  • firetoyou

    I’m A Firefighter/Medic in Ohio and Fire department has full control at a scene. We put the trucks there to protect us!!

  • USAF Vet

    CHP is always more concerned about opening highways then safety. The fire officer in charge must take proper moves to protect his personnel. What is more important shutting down highway for a bit or taking care of injured in a safe way?

  • paramedic 4266

    Seriously. I work EMS for years and never had a problem about “parking”. Maybe the cop just needed to flex his muscles. This is suppose to be a team effort.

  • John

    In California, the CHP is the incident commander on a state highway. The Firefighter blocked the opposite side of the freeway, causing an unnecessary traffic hazard. According to the article the Officer asked him to move the fire truck to the northbound side of the freeway and he refused. There has been numerous accidents involving motorist running into the rear of emergency vehicles, including fire trucks. The idea of blocking the wrong side of the freeway was not necessary. Whether the Officer handled this properly is questionable, it should have been handled after the incident between agencies. But get the facts straight, before you comment.

    • Brin

      John, very well put, knowing the facts are important because there is always more to the story, however even with this additional information, nothing has really changed, the truck was parked there to expedite care to the patient, therefore it is his responsibility to ensure that traffic is adequately warned on both sides of the Freeway of impending danger, this all could have been addressed after the call, nothing was solved by “detaining” personnel assisting in patient care and scene safety. The officer did not use due regard, violated his civil rights by illegally detaining this FF, and interfered with a fire scene, it doesn’t really matter who has control of the scene, that is a disciplinary issue at best, this officer took this to a whole new level and should be at least reprimanded if not terminated, lack of judgment is the issue that CHP officials should look at, because it is obvious that this CHP officer lacks judgment and should be a precursor for problems down the road.

  • DCS

    One would think that LEO would know the National Highway Safety Act?

  • Uniform Friendly

    Senseless death and physical injury is unacceptable once the accident/emergency has occurred (see below links) a fire engine offers a lot more crash protection (for EMS PD FD &victims)then a cruiser on every incident, every day of the week????

    • John

      Not on the wrong side of the freeway!

  • AKMaineIac

    “2410. Members of the California Highway Patrol are authorized to
    direct traffic according to law, and, in the event of a fire or other
    emergency, or to expedite traffic or insure safety, may direct
    traffic as conditions may require notwithstanding the provisions of
    this code.”

    So, unless he had a safety concern with the placement of the apparatus, that he should have addressed with Incident Command. He had no business trying to boss firemen around at a scene they were working.

  • Realistic

    I really like how all of the firefighter open their mouth in this incident when they do not know the whole story. A question, if there happens to be a death, DUI etc in a case like this? Who will investigate the incident because it will not be the firefighter to investigate the death. Where I live the body belongs to the Coroner and investigates with law enforcement. Same with the investigation of the scene of a crash or possible DUI suspects.

    I have never seen a fireman out with a roller tape, accident scetching or having an individual perform roadsides for them!

  • GrumpyGranny

    As a newer resident of TN, I’m proud that my first chosen state comes down on the right side of the argument in my opinion!

  • Your kidding

    I like how all of the apparent firefighters open their mouths on this issue when nobody knows all of the facts as to what everything was that happened.

    If this happened to be a crash involving a death, DUI etc. who do you think will investigate the scene because it will not be the firefighters. Law enforcement is responsible for the investigation of the crash and why it happened. Where I live if there is a body the Coroner owns the body on scene and is responsible for the investigation of the death with law enforcement.

    I have never seen a firefighter out with a roller tape, crash investigation report or performing roadsides on an individual for possible DUI or something else. Is not not the cases that the individual whom has the highest level of education in the incident command system and or authority can relieve the current IC and take control.

    About 2% of our firefighters are even EMTs or higher. If there is no threat of a vehicle fire or something similar to nature the fire fighters are not needed. If there is no threat to human life EMTs are not needed and should probably clear the scene.

    I have noticed the last individual on scene are usually law enforcement and or a tow truck. I’ve never seen a firefighter call a tow, provide a tow report etc.

  • Cali Leo

    I wasn’t at this scene so I won’t pass judgement on the chp or the ff like so many more here who weren’t there but seem to know exactly what happened. I will say though that as a leo I have worked crashes where everything was off the roadway and the scene was stable until an engine parked in the lanes instead of on the shoulder with the rest of the equipment. Traffic backed up and more collisions happened as a result. I have personally seen this multiple times. More citizens being injured as a result of irresponsible vehicle staging.

  • Alex

    The CHP should loose his job for being an obstruction fire dept /EMT performing life-saving procedure.

  • come on already

    What is the world coming to when two civil service agencies get in each others’ way of doing there job? jesus christ… get over your own egos already and work together to help others.

  • Unbiased

    Why didn’t he just move the truck

  • Brian Blackburn

    Steve, you are wrong and Adam is correct. NIMS and ICS trump any state regulation. The officer should be charge with interfering, reckless endangerment and failure to obey a PSO.

    • DStatter

      Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE smartphone

      ——– Original message ——–

  • Brian Blackburn

    No they don’t James. Please go read NIMS and ICS.

  • Mac Turner

    I see a cop from the third world, pounding his chest at a real human.

  • mimi

    The cop couldn’t find a better time to discuss this… and what purpose did he handcuff the f/f the truck still didn’t get moved just took an extra hand away from the injured….

  • MRWR8

    As a retired Fire fighter I see it as a safety concern and a chain of Command concern, Yes the Engine drive places the truck for safety of the fire fighters as well as the everyone on scene. Cops need to learn this, and understand the scene commander is in charge not the guy driving the Truck. Well Mr Police officer you are going to get more than you 15 min of fame now. way to drive a wedge between two serices that should be working together.

  • DStatter

    Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE smartphone

    ——– Original message ——–

  • Colin

    Well, there’s the problem.

  • Fedup

    That would never happen you idiot! you’d have no leg to stand on. Impound it? and risk the lives of people who depend on it? Please reread your post after you sober up!

    • brian trucktower

      There’s no tow comp that would tow a fire truck for a ic anyways

  • Shaking My Head

    I’ve been a cop for 31 years…… words, never, never, never, could this knucklehead work on our Department. What an embarrassment, so poor in judgement.

  • Alex

    Who hired, trained, and unleashed this cop onto the public?

  • neutralobserver

    Clearly for this is all about your own power, not the public good or individual good. “To protect and serve” must be a great joke for you. What a disgrace to your uniform!

  • karl

    keep it up you may wish some one had that big red truck some day

  • AKMaineIac

    The CHP has the authority, specifically stated in the law to “direct traffic”. Go do it, and leave apparatus placement and the management of the scene to the fire command system.

  • Jeff h

    As a firefighter this is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever seen. We have protocol on medical calls, they are just there to do basically what we ask of them. The cop doesn’t like what we say and arrests us? This looks to me like we have a huge ego of the police coming into play not training their men properly. A cop coming in to tell me where to park my fire engine, “are you on crack?, get the hell out of my scene you worthless piece of crap.” Typical cop with a chip on his shoulder, probably got picked on in high school. Somehow even getting arrested the fireman looks like a hero. I think you should arrest the president of the U.S. because you disagree with his political views.

  • Jeff h

    lol I am a firefighter, and I would tell you to go fuck yourself. You are just mad because you have no say in what happens on a medical scene, just direct traffic and stfu.

  • Jeff h

    I think it is funny that the police department wont admit they were dead wrong. You don’t have protocol, go direct traffic you moron. I am a firefighter and this is straight up how it works. We dont need them to respond to a medical call, they need us, so get out of are way. That is like arresting the Barista at Starbucks because they argued with you about the way you make your coffee. More important than that , this firefighter was just doing his job, thanks for standing up to the bullies of society.

  • John Wilch (TSgt, USAF Ret.)

    That badge-happy, gun toting idiot needs to lose his job and never, never be allowed to wear one again. No wait better yet make him fly a desk say for 1 year and during that time read all the regs that pertain to EMT/Firefighter response to TAs. Oh and while he’s at it his pay will be reduced to that of a beginning (Probationary) Patrolman and then after that year he will be allowed back in a patrol car but at that Probationary wage for another 2 years under direct supervision of a Senior office.

    May the Great Spirit watch over all of us and guide our steps for all eternity.

    US Combat Veteran: Vietnam, ’68-’69; 228th Avn. Bn. (ASH), 1st Cav. Div. (AM) and former Armored Cavalry Scout (19D30) and damned proud to have served and would do it again if this wonderful country and its people ever needed me.
    (However, not under BHO and his Socialist Regime.) Enlisted into the Army Dec. 20, ’63 and retired out of the Id. Air National Guard Apr. 1, ’92.

    ( /-TI4uM2ffQgkKHIIY1fHDuvJcgVRZc1Ldv2KV*IAaif8QB-6FHLolkzGYJi-VJVVonB7PD2gEOL-R*Y82SgRgBeAYvYM2qay/cavpatch.JPG)garryowen

  • Jeff h

    Cop goes down looking like a moron, the firefighter stood against a bully, a hero

  • Harmit Tamber

    Ah the CHP, the weenie section of our police force, I’d be a whiny little baby too if none of peers doing the actual work took me seriously. Take care of that short man syndrome bud…and lose a few pounds while you’re at it, they’re going to need you to be able to run if we ever end up resorting to call you for backup.

  • brian trucktower

    I would like to remind u who is the first person to come to your aid in an accident that you are in. And second I tow for a living and we work side by side with leo and ff and personal safety is number one if we cant do the job safely we cant help anyone . Big trucks are big blocks we love our local ff as they make sure we are safe to do our jobs well after their are done teamwork…

  • crayons64

    Do you all know why he was asked to move the truck? Maybe there is a side to the story you all don’t know. Could it be the truck was obstructing traffic? Common sense tells me the officer waited until the scene was secure and then asked for it to be moved. Get over it people!


    CHP don’t think like cops. They are TRAFFIC officers, not police officers. A real cop would never had such an altercation with a fire fighter.

  • empiricist2

    New law in IL is when a LEO has pulled over a car and is talking to the driver, you have to clear the lane and not pass the cars in the closest lane. This is because an officer was killed by a bad driver. So you can imagine the confusion and danger of people trying to get over a lane quickly. So it appears the firetruck was blocking the lane for safety, forcing cars into the other lane (where they really should be). I don’t know for sure what lane was blocked but it is important to clear the lane for safety from bad drivers.

  • Richard Carpenter

    It is time for us Americans to change our men/boys in Blue/Brown/Grey into something more like Peel’s Bobbies…take the guns from most of them so we’ll ALL be safer, and take the Personal Egos out of the Field entirely.

  • Roch

    Im a full time EMT-B at a large Rescue Squad in the suburbs of Philadelphia Pennsylvaina, our Police love us and give us any and all of the help and support we could possibly need or want. We also stop or park according to our needs and our safety as well as the safety of our patients, we are all very experienced EMS workers and our Police know we are gonna get in and out as quickly as we can. Rest assured you will never see a Paramedic, EMT, or Firefighter getting arrested in the great Commonwealth of Pennsylvania while performing Emergency Medical Services. Although I was not there, It appears to me that the CHP officer for whatever reason made a very poor decision arresting that firefighter. In Pennsylvania if there are injured people on scene EMS is in charge until all patients are taken care of.

  • GheezNotAgain

    What a moron cop….power trip …a firefighter doing his duty saving a person in a car wreck and he wants the firetruck moved? He should be suspended for a week ..cop on a power trip

  • Ashley

    I have read these post and the one I worry about is the accident victims. sad there
    is more confusion is over where a truck is parked. If it was such a issue for the cop then my worry as the fieman. would be what do I need to do to get to these people? AFTER the victims are cared for should there be discussion.

  • Dre

    I am proud to say that the local LEO works great with us on a scene….If we request road closed, the road gets closed. We do work as fast and safe as we can to get traffic moving again, but we all understand that the safety of emergency personnel on scene is a big concern. That is because of “rubberneckers” that take their eyes off the road to try and see what is going on. We respect the LEO and they respect us FF/EMS and it a great team!

  • OhSoRight

    Next time a CHP officer is down, the EMTs should refuse the call. Why take the chance of getting arrested?