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McDonalds worker says she was fired after buying food for firefighters – Boss denies charge

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Our friends at Firefighters Worldwide caught this story early and it is now blowing up a bit around the nation and the world, causing some issues for McDonalds.

It centers on a 23-year-old single mom, Heather Levia, who is the mother of twins, worked two jobs and is putting herself through nursing school. One of those jobs, until last week, was as a manager of the morning shift at an Olean, New York McDonalds.

Levia saw a group of firefighters coming in from handling a house fire and decided to pay their $83 bill out of her own pocket. That wonderful gesture started a series of events that eventually found Levia being fired from the job she held for eight years (details in the video above and excerpts below).

Firefighters Worldwide is reporting this afternoo (Wednesday) there is more to Levia’s employement issues with the Olean McDonalds:

Levia was not satisfied with her current job at McDonald’s in the weeks prior to the incident. On January 29, Levia posted on her Facebook page that she may be looking for a new job. She posted “Listen all [expletive deleted] hit hit the fan today… I’m not putting up with [expletive deleted] … I need out of there before I end up getting fired.” In follow up comments, she stated her bosses didn’t care about employees and said “we have one chance before we lose our jobs.”

New York Post:

When a second department ordered $70 of food, Levia texted her boss to see if the company would pay the tab. But when her boss said no, Levia and other workers again picked up the bill.

NY Olean McDonalds firing 1

After the firefighters found out that Levia had paid for the food herself, some firefighters called her boss and complained.

“You opened a whole bee’s nest,” she was told.

At her next shift she was fired. She says the reason given was she swore at a superior — something she denies.

“I did say this is ‘freaking’ ridiculous. But it was not implied to anybody,” she said.


Tom Meyers, the owner of the Olean McDonald’s, gave News 4 the following statement:“The Meyers Organization has always valued the employees who serve our customers every day. We likewise continue to be an ardent supporter of our police and fire departments, along with other first responders. They are always welcome in our restaurants, and we will continue to support them in the future.

NY Olean McDonalds firing 2

“We are aware that certain allegations have been made concerning the reasons for Heather Levia’s termination. Out of respect for Ms. Levia and her privacy, it would not be appropriate to comment in detail on the reasons she is no longer employed by our organization. Still, it should be pointed out that the allegations are absolutely not true. We would never penalize an employee for showing appropriate gratitude for the work of our firefighters.”


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  • Scott

    Hmmm, I was at a lunch a few weeks ago where the pres. and CEO of McDonalds spoke. He was there among us. I wish I had his e-mail, I would send him this story
    and I’m sure something would happen.

  • scallywag

    Was Heather Levia fired because she swore at management, broke corporate protocol or because she dared to think outside the box???

    But then again is that what I am paid to do when I am a McDonald’s employee?

  • Fire21

    Sounds like another case of she said/she said. Hopefully Heather can find another better job. Thanks, Heather, for your support of your firefighters.

  • scallywag

    Was Heather Levia fired because she swore at management, broke corporate protocol or because she dared to think outside the box???

    But then again is that what I am paid to do when I am a McDonald’s employee?

  • disqus_laWlXMHsYr

    WAIT, am I missing something the food was paid for, so it wasn’t stealing, the food was for heroes, no one would want to deny them a lousy burger right? SO, what’s their beef (non in the burgers obviously), sorry you lost your job hon, but seriously who wants to work for an azzhole like that anyway, I am out of work too, but would defer an opportunity to you first if I could.

  • eeeee

    Do something nice then shut up and all would be well. She tried to go up the chain after being told no her own fault

  • john

    May Mr Meyers and the Meyers Group rot in hell, here’s to wishing you the worst in your business endeavors!

  • Casey Jones

    That’s messed up! You don’t need them anyway! A person like you who would do something nice like that can certainly get a better job elsewhere where you will be better respected.

  • Tim Prtzel

    I would like to know what all the meyers group own so I can avoid them totally

  • Vermontist

    Of course if the firefighters had just graciously accepted a gift instead of “complaining” then the whole thing wouldn’t have happened right? Who calls a persons employer and complains about them after they do something nice for you?

    Unless this is lousy reporting and the firefighters called to “compliment” her to her employer and said employer then went off the rails

    • Kory Smith

      She paid for the food….the firefighters called corporate to complain that she lost her job. Not because of what you stated.

  • jfscott

    Tom Myers/McDonald’s sells non food anyway and contributes greatly, if not wholly, to demise of the health of people and this country as a whole. Do not buy this chrap! This is the best thing that could ever happen to Heather. Someone, or a lot of someones, will recognize her work ethic and be happy to have her as an employer. If she could suffer through working through hell at Mickey D’s and for this dirt bag for 8 years, she can do just about anything she wants. Best wishes! Heather.

  • Luxomni

    “.He said, she said”. But you know what, Mr. Myers? That bad-will will be attached to your name and company either way. That was a very bad business decision. You should have followed her suggestion and contributed the eighty-three dollars worth of food as a good-will gesture.

  • ukfbbuff

    So Long Micky D’s.

    Another Corporate mess-up, that affects the individual employee.

    Hope she gets a much better job with better benefits.

  • huufarted

    call the company and vent bigtime!!!

    T. Meyers Enterprises Inc
    (716) 665-3434
    6 N Alberta St
    Falconer, NY 14733

    When I called the above number, their automated voice system answered with “Thank you for calling McDonald’s.” So I knew I had the right place. I left a message for Tom Meyers x229 and you should too!

  • TDoe32

    I believe Levia willing contributed to the societal decay that McD’s serves and she had a poor attitude toward the company she represented that contributed to her family wants and needs. According to her FB post she knew what the consequences were. Now the fire dept. has an opportunity to snag her. Hope it is a lesson for ALL.

  • Dustin

    Thats bullshit that she got fired. Im a firefighter. Every town should have a girl like her that does a good thing…. Heather I proud of you out