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Raw video: Fatal shooting of Kansas City firefighter by police officer & fight that lead up to it


Newly-released video shows a fight between a Kansas City police officer and a Kansas City firefighter moments before the police officer fatally shot the firefighter.

Anthony Bruno died of his injuries in the shooting outside a downtown hotel on Dec. 1.

MO Kansas City cop shoots firefighter 1

Officer Don Hubbard told investigators that if he had not used deadly force in this case, he was afraid Bruno would have killed him.

Hubbard had been off duty on the night of the shooting, working security for the Marriott hotel. He responded to a report of a fight going on between some people and a cab driver.

MO Kansas City cop shoots firefighter 2

According to the police report, Bruno was attacking the cab driver in a dispute over a fare, but he ran away when Hubbard arrived. Hubbard chased Bruno through alleyways and caught up with him between 12th and 13th streets and Baltimore Avenue.

The video shows Hubbard attempting to arrest Bruno, pleading with a group of bystanders who had recorded the incident on a cellphone to call for help.

Donna McGuire, The Kansas City Star:

As he lay bleeding on a downtown Kansas City street, newlywed Anthony Bruno mouthed “Don’t let me die” to a bystander who had rolled him on his back to check two gunshot wounds.

MO Kansas City cop shoots firefighter 3

On the pavement nearby, Police Officer Donald Hubbard felt himself drifting in and out consciousness. Blood dripped from his broken and battered face. He tried to get up but fell back.

The bystander, who happened to be a critical care nurse in a hospital trauma unit, could not find Bruno’s pulse. She asked Hubbard to apply pressure to Bruno’s wounds while she began chest compressions. Hubbard crawled to her as sirens sounded in the distance, according to documents released Tuesday by police.

MO Kansas City cop shoots firefighter 4

Soon, an arriving police officer asked what direction the gunman had fled.

Hubbard looked up.

“I shot him,” he said.


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  • Sean

    Sorry cop was in the right.

  • Ronnieff

    Well that cop needs to stop eating and workout. So many fat cops and firefighters that need to be let go and give the chance to the new fit ones.

  • Jburg

    After seeing this video, the officer didn’t seem to be in the wrong. The man was resisting arrest and chose to fight with the officer. At the point where the man got on top of the officer and began to punch him, he basically sealed his fate. I can’t see where the officer was wrong here.

    • Sheep O’Doom

      First off this guy was off duty & working in the capacity of a Mall cop. Second how many times do you ever see ONE cop or Security guard arrive on scene? Try NEVER. This guy had time to call for back up or a uniformed officer. Another option as he had the FF’s WIFE RIGHT THERE he had other options like contacting a uniformed officer as backup. Sadly for some strange reason this common since action is NOT covered on our “book”.

      • baconator3

        Again, you are a moron Sheep O’Doom

      • William Jonathan Brasky

        First, a cop is always a cop, whether on the clock for the city or a hotel.
        Second, the cop was in uniform. There was no mistaking who he was.

        Granted, there are a million things the cop could have done to avoid ending up on his back getting beaten, but none as effective as the suspect putting his hands behind his back when told.

        Who, in there right mind, would ever think that jumping on a cop and beating his head would not get you shot?

        • Homer Sanders

          Must be nice to have the right to escalate a situation into a fight, start getting your punk ass kicked and then pull a gun and murder the guy that just owned you. Sounds like a gang bangers M.O.

          • Fandango

            Homer you are a jackass. Plain and simple.

          • Homer Sanders

            No, but speaking up obviouusly makes you uncomfortable. And for the record, I’m ex military and civilian law enforcement. We used to get a drunk guy or girl a cab or have a friend drive them home. We didn’t shoot them to death.

          • Travis Hughes

            Escalate a situation into a fight? He was arresting someone who had just assaulted someone else. The drunk-ass firefighter escalated when he resisted. He also escalated when he started violently punching the police officer in the face even as people watching told him not to fight the cop.

            The police officer felt his life was threatened. He had the right to use deadly force to protect himself. Would you rather he just lay there until the firefighter beat him to death?

          • Homer Sanders

            You obviously missed the totally unecessary knee drop to the victims head that escalated the situation. Like I said escalated by police.

          • Homer Sanders

            The cop always feel threatened, that’s their get out of jail free card. The cabbie called his wife a C..t, they had just got married, of course he wad going to punch him. What man wouldn’t defend his new brides honor? You understand right? If not I’ll type slower.

          • DB1954

            Homer, you’re very angry that the police officer did his job aren’t you? Too bad you don’t learn a lesson from this. Instead you choose to remain stupid and angry. Good luck next time you resist lawful arrest.

        • DB1954

          He’s simply ignorant about why private businesses hire police officers instead of just private security. They’re police officers 24/7. The FF had no right to resist arrest, and the cop had the duty to arrest him.

  • pappysteel

    Well the firefighter got what he deserved, I am sure alcohol played a part, but I know they won’t mention that. He fights with a cabbie then runs from police then fights with police. 100% great job by officer. I would hate to have that hangover on a box when I need it. Sad story.

    • stan

      I would not say that he got what he (firefighter) deserved, but will say the cop had no choice but to defend himself. A sad outcome all the way around.

    • ole firefighter

      firefighter got what he deserved > No the Cop needs to work out more . It should of not went that far . The gun is the last thing you us . People all around to help

  • exBronxite

    Of course, the people recording the incident IMMEDIATELY put the blame on the cop for starting all this, yelling out inane ‘questions’ that they had no business asking. But once the cop started getting beat in the face, to them, the story was over and they lost interest. Typical and disturbing.

    • MacKenzie

      Apparently they didn’t lose interest, as the report is the woman heard in the video was a nurse who went to try and render what aid she could, and made a statement that the police officer had no other recourse.

      So….. what’s typical and disturbing about that? I DO assume we watched the same video here.

      • SteveM

        What’s disturbing are what the idiots are saying…..assuming the officer was there for no reason and the “nurse” who wanted to intervene, presumably to help the “poor” guy being picked on by the officer. It’s sad that you don’t seem to have a problem with that part.

  • Scott

    Hate to say it but the cop was in the right to defend himself. The video clearly shows the suspect get on top of the officer, put both hands on the officers face and start pounding away. Think next time before you drink and act stupid!!!!

    • Kenny Driscoll

      Why do you hate to say the officer was in the right… do you dislike police so much that you don’t like to see them do right… you should see the number of police that die everyday in this country to make things safe, and where would we be without them.

      • clinton notestine

        how about all the police that kill innocent people everyday “by accident”

    • Sheep O’Doom

      This guy would not have been in that position had he A. been with a partner. B. Called for back up. This guy is the cop you see in movies that thinks he’s all that but only gets people killed.

  • Jason

    He should be charged, he was of duty and who says he even portrayed him self to be a police man. This was a large over reaction on the side of the police officer, and now a young lady is a widow and a firefighter is dead because of it

    • Brian

      Does the police officer carry a taser? The Drunk firefighter could have been controlled with a taser BEFORE it got to this point.Sad outcome for all.

    • Ruffian75

      Did you look at all the facts. The cop “placed himself on duty”, which of duty cops do all the time and chased this jackass down after an argument with a cab driver. Clearly he is drunk and not responding to commands. He is actually equal or greater size than the cop. Any cop who has tried to wrestle someone of equal size will tell you how hard it is. At the point he is on top of the cop, every ounce of training says that if you lose your gun, 80% of the time you get shot with it. Instead of losing consciousness, he shot the firefighter. End of story. Sorry for the family’s loss, but the firefighter was wrong and paid the price for it.

    • Ben VP

      I have a feeling at some point the words “This is the police please stop running away” were probably uttered. Being that he was already getting violent with someone else, as sad and unfortunate as it may be, who knows how much further it had gone. And that does not excuse the fact that he was hammer fisting the cop while the cop was defenseless on the ground. A cop who could have very been the victim in death. Condolences to the family of the fallen firefighter, but don’t give a cop shit for doing his job and trying to protect himself and his own family.

  • guest

    The cop was in the right. No reason for the firefighter to be on top of him punching him in the head. Sad all the way around.

  • Jim west

    It’s a bullshiut video your not showing the good stuff what a waste of time. The reported acts like it’s some big graphic production what an idiota..

    • kdog

      did anyone see the cop jump up and drive his knee into the firefighter head, the cop was an idiot and bit off more than he could chew, and got away with murder!! they could have picked the FF up later with proper back up !!! has either been tested for steriods!! I bet both fail

  • Michelle B

    He shouldn’t have fought the cop..

  • Andrew

    Perhaps if this couple had used their phone for, maybe, calling in some back up for the officer instead of trying to threaten and distract him, we wouldn’t have to have this discussion.

    • 365conservative

      Anybody’s fault but the person beating up the officer right?

      Let me guess…Obama supporter?

      • SciLaw

        Let me guess, you’re middle-aged or older and white. Male. No graduate education. Maybe college, mostly likely community college.

        You actually disapprove of people standing around while law enforcement is struggling with someone but can’t resist taking a potshot at a liberal so you come across as a jerk.

        • William Jonathan Brasky

          If the camera man truly cares about the safety of the person being arrested, they should help effect the arrest, in this situation. One cop, alone, in a fight is EXTREMELY dangerous for the person he is fighting. A group of cops may beat you for fighting them, but one cop will be fearful of death if you start to win against him and he should shoot.

          The moment this cop felt unconsciousness approaching it was appropriate for him to shoot.

          I would certainly rather a fellow citizen help a cop unlawfully arrest me than film me while I beat the cop until he shoots me.

      • Travis Hughes

        You’re completely ignoring the fact that the people shooting the video with a goddamn cell phone should have been using it to, I don’t know, call 911?

        They were so into recording the incident, because fuck the police, that they are in a way complicit.

        Yes, the firefighter is to blame. But so are the people who shot the video for not helping in any way.

    • scottish-jim

      You think the back up would’ve arrived in time to be of any use?

      • Sheep O’Doom

        It would have had the SECURITY GUARD called them. This guy was an off duty cop acting as a security guard for the hotel. The FF His wife and a friend were in a cab when they was asking if the driver could take the second woman home. The FF noticed cab driver had NOT turned off the meter. The Driver called his wife a C**T & got a butt kicking from the FF. this is when RENT A COP Rambo stepped in. Thinking he was going to take down a Drunk FF by himself & be all bad a** he chose NOT to call for backup. When he discovered he could not arrest said FF he executed him. I wonder what his excuse will be when he kills yet again thinking I can kill off duty firefighters & not be touched why not a civilian?

        • pismopal

          You are the worlds foremost expert in your own prejudiced opinions and not much else. If the job isn’t done to your liking , try doing it.

        • William Jonathan Brasky

          The shooter was a Kansas City Police officer, arresting a drink man for battery. As a sworn officer he has a responsibility to protect the cab driver from an unlawful physical attack, and to arrest the attacker. He was doing just that.

          After attempting to make that arrest the suspect began winning in a fight. Had the suspect jumped up and run after flipping the cop over he would be alive. But he didn’t do that. He began choking and/or holding the officer down while hitting him in the face as the officer’s head was against the sidewalk. That kind of attack quickly results in serious injury/death. The cop felt he had to shoot to prevent himself from getting seriously hurt or killed.

        • William Jonathan Brasky

          Maybe I’m misunderstanding you but it sounds like you think it’s OK for the firefighter to beat up the cab driver for calling his wife a c***. What happened to freedom of speech?

          People that hit others for speaking should be arrested for battery.

  • jimmytapia

    no d****** the police officer was the one that was roughing up the firefighter and headlocking being violent he could’ve just stop but no he was reaching for his gun of course a of course his going to get pissed off fight back the cops should have taken an ass kicking like a man.

  • KING CHRI$$$


  • November December

    Sums up how stupid the authority in this country is. Fire
    Fighters save lives, and cops, the ones supposed to protect people, end
    lives and make people fear them instead of feel safe.

  • Nope

    You’re an idiot.

  • Logan

    Great.. Have the cop use the Taser while he is in contact with the individual… What do you think would happen if he did that?hr would get shocked as well. taser is pointless at this point.

  • Eduardo

    The cop was in the right to defend himself, however they should be and are trained to fight people without having to use the gun, it was just one person, he could have fought him back, instead of choosing the easy way of shooting the man twice and be done with it. Shooting should always be the last option…

    • 19262007

      Really Ed?! You should watch the video AGAIN. The cop was underneath the subject getting his head HAMMERED. All it takes is one good blow to the head to either get knocked unconscious or KILLED, and you say the police officer chose the “easy way of shooting”. Please Ed, do us all favor and don’t breed, there are enough stupid people on the planet already.

      • Don

        Not only that – the cop knew that if this guy got his gun, he was probably a dead man. I shake my head when people try to say that a cop should be better trained in hand to hand combat, or instead of a kill shot to the chest, he should have shot the gun out of his hand – like it’s wild west movie. Don’t comment on something unless you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.

  • jughas

    You’re about the only person with common sense here. We’ve seen it all too often where cops are making situations worse by getting involved. Every video we see of cops dealing with drunk people shows the cops treating the person as if they they are sober and capable of having conversations and following commands.

    The cop supporters on here are pathetic human beings. This past two weeks we’ve seen cops cut a swath through verifiable innocent people. Some of those innocent people were killed (murdered by the cops). Some were arrested (then released when evidence was brought forth). See the Wii controller killing. Woman arrested for filming. Man framed for attacking police during a traffic stop. Man framed for failing to identify (electra, Texas. Watch the video and your blood will boil). Man framed for damaging a police car. Man suffocated outside the movie theater (murder).

    We’re seeing cops abuse their ultimate authority and use their power to kill to commit criminal acts to enrich their own lives. And they absolutely are not punished the majority of the time. Only in recent times have we been able to get a small glimpse of these acts due to video evidence. Think about how many people have been abused over the last century by criminal cops.

    • Don

      You guys are incredible. I don’t even know where to begin. What is
      pathetic is the blatant disregard for authority in this country. Do
      some police abuse their authority? Absolutely. But that does not give
      anyone the excuse to blame the cop for this. Police officers are sworn
      to serve and protect and that also means when they are off duty. You
      are always a police officer. Mike Mayers, you say that why bother
      cuffing him because he wasn’t posing a risk to anybody. Tell that to
      the cab driver that the suspect attacked. So you are saying that he
      should have just let him get away? I hope no officer does that to you
      when you are a victim of a crime. A crime was committed. He was a suspect. He did not comply and then attacked a police officer. What happened was a tragedy. But walk a mile in a cops shoes before
      you cast aspersions on what they do and how they do it. People with attitudes like yours are as much of the problem as bad cops.

  • iLiveInTheRealWorld

    The thing is, if those taking the video and watching had of assisted the cop instead of wanting to be a YouTube hero. This man would still be alive. Good on the cop. Shame on the bystanders.

    • Van Edwards

      I could not agree more with you. The cop has every right to defend himself and the people filming the incident and TAKING NO ACTION ARE TO BLAME!!!

    • Jimmy

      By the time the cop needed assistance they wouldn’t have made it over to him. They were a good distance away…the camera had zoomed in on the scuffle. They never thought someone was going to die. The cop had to do what he had to do in that split second when the drunk was on top of him. Not sure the bystanders could’ve made it in time to help. The officer should’ve called for backup much earlier. THEN this guy would, most likely, still be alive.

  • mike

    When you are a cop you are a cop. No on duty off duty. Something wrong you react. Cops often take side jobs like security at events. That’s normal. He is also in full uniform. People need to understand what’s going on. Also listen. Yes the people at first seem to heckle the cop and distract him. This is wrong. They should ask if he needs help or call back up. The see the guy fighting the cop and right away say dont. They know it’s wrong and they then see that the cop is in the right. Don’t assume what happened when the camera stopped. Nobody knows. By the report she did a great thing trying to help. Yes the fire fighter made a really bad choice and yes the cop made a life saving quick decision.had the guy shut his mouth and let the cop do a what he had to do we
    could hear the dead guy speak. I was a cop for 7 1/2 years and now a firefighter. The cop was right.

  • John Lucas

    The Officer clearly defended himself in a violent confrontation with a large, intoxicated Off Duty Firefighter. The Perp was resisting and the Officer utilized the minimal force necessary to save himself from what could have been life threatening injuries. Oh, the power of alcohol…..

  • Chris

    Also, think of where the taser is located on the duty belt, its usually found on the back, and hard to get to when you are laying down. The gun was far more accessible to the officer.

  • Big Steve

    you now whats fucked up…the guy video taping should have helped and this guy shot by the cop would still be alive…why to go idiot

  • DStatter

    Hey thanks for the round of support. The world would be a better place if it had more people like you. So positive and supportive. What a role model. Something we can all aspire to.

  • firemedic5100

    Lets see… where to start.

    The “victim” as some of you wish to believe was apparently intoxicated on alcohol/drugs. He had already assaulted another civilian. He was resisting a lawful arrest. He committed assault on a public servant. The fact he was a firefighter is irrelevant.

    The officer was performing his duties as a peace officer, and was attempting to detain someone who had committed a crime. Many law enforcement agencies in the US do not allow their officers to carry tazers for various reasons. Many times a tazer does not incapacitate the offender, especially if the offender is under the influence of drugs and or alcohol. It sometimes makes that person more agitated and aggressive. I have personally witnessed the necessity of 3 tazers being used at the same time to finally subdue a suspect.

    To those who were videoing the event, had they called 911 to report an officer needing assistance, it is doubtful it would have escalated to the fatal conclusion. The officer clearly asked the bystanders for help, and in some states they could be charged for disobeying the officer.

    Personally, I would have (and have done so on many occasions) jumped in the middle of it to assist the officer. At that point in time it would not matter what offence had been committed. The turd is resisting for whatever reason, and the whys would be sorted out after the subject was detained.
    The many officers I’ve known over the years that have had to resort to deadly force, have done so as the very last action. This is an unfortunate incident, and nobody is the winner.

    • DStatter

      I am buying most of what you say except this line, ” The officer clearly asked the bystanders for help, and in some states they could be charged for disobeying the officer.”

      Yes, they could be charged. But I can’t imagine a prosecutor that would prosecute a case where someone didn’t participate in a fight on the orders of a police officer.

    • peter

      As i see there was just cause on the cops behalf but the fact the guy was a firefighter has nouthing to do with it the guy has a name let not run firefighters down cause he was one like was said being a firefighters is irrelevant


  • Tbone

    Police officers are taught to go one level above the force they are confronted with. So a punch in the face constitutes deadly force? Next time I get in a fight I will remember what a certified Police officer gets to do. Apparently its legal.

  • clinton notestine

    cop probably would have shot them too

  • Ham_Phobe

    Go all Trayvon on someone, expect to get shot.

  • Ben Dover

    First video I have seen that I would side with the cop.

  • Gregory Davis

    20 years on the force and forgot how to detain a perpetrator. I’m sure he had pepper spray on himself also. As quick as pulled that gun out, he could have used pepper spray or mace on the firefighter. I say terminate that Punk Cop without a pension, maybe the theatre security job will be good for him.

  • Logan

    Cops a pussy, just take the beating.. If it was a cop throwing those punches at you, you won’t be-able to do anything.

  • jojo the popo

    Somebody watches way too much TV.

  • hernandayoleary

    I can see why the cop did what he did, but if the fireman killed the cop he should have got a congressional medal

  • DStatter

    Thanks so much. Glad you could participate. Appreciate your insight.

    • Yare Time

      hahaha much respect you let the comment post.

      • DStatter

        It’s tough to offend me.I try not to let them talk about others that way but I am fair game. Part of the job.

  • DStatter

    I don’t know in KC but in Maryland there are a number of jurisdictions where police are allowed to work part time security in uniform and with PD issued equipment and vehicle. They are also required to act if there is criminal activity they witness while in such capacity. I have done stories on officers who didn’t act when something like this occurred. It is also part of the requirement of having a take home vehicle in some jurisdictions.

  • Firefighter83

    Firefighter here, incase the name was as confusing as the video was to you, apparently. Generally speaking, I find it difficult and ultimately a complete waste of time to debate with someone who doesn’t use proper English. The playing field tends to be “FUBAR” and not conducive to an intelligent discussion. Assuming you can read better than you can write, understand that a cop working security is still a cop. And the beauty of clear video footage of an incident is that it allows us to see what we would have if we WERE there. Like a time machine! But I like that…next time I lose a Super Bowl bet, I’m claiming we don’t know what happened because we weren’t there. Michael H says so.

  • ambufire

    I’m a Belgium firefighter and have been a cop so I know both sides. From what I can tell is that there’s a long way before you use your gun. There are several other options before you finally shoot someone. One of these options is pepperspray; I guess US cops carry these also at al times no ? You can first try using that before you use deadly force by means of a weapon.

    • Colonel Angus

      Tell me how the hell he sprays the pepper spray in Bruno’s eyes when he has FISTS blocking his sight? I’m sure gravity wouldn’t take effect either and any residual spray would not drop down into the officers face. You are a fucking idiot and you cannot be a law enforcement officer.

  • Scooter

    Why don’t these morons help the cop instead of harassing him…. a little help may have kept both of them from being hurt… PUT THE CAMERA DOWN AND HELP THE COP! Strike Da Box! K

  • liam

    Did anyone not take into consideration the cop fucking jumped and flying kneed the intoxicated fire fighter in the back of the head while the officer still had control. In my eyes that is a life threatening move by the officer while he said he feared for his life in the statement he made for the report!

    What about the poor family of the firefighter, were he lost his life because he was intoxicated and a police officer realistically physically assaulted him while he was trying to detain the man.

    Just like comments below saying the cop was 100% in the right because the cop was in a life threatening situation well in that case, so was the firefighter and who knows if he didn’t start to black out after the kneed to the back of the head! Majority of human’s would do the exact same if they feared being there life after a cop jumped on there head!

    • Mm

      Poor family? If you watch the surveillance videos at the hotel, the wife walked out of the cab and didn’t even turn around as her new husband beat up the cab driver.

      Yeah, she seemed really concerned about the trouble her husband might be getting himself into.
      She walked right into the hotel lobby.

      If that was my husband I would have been telling him to calm down.

      Then as he walks away and is being followed by the cop, does she bother to see what happens to him? Does she even care that he just beat someone up and a cop is now pursuing him. Why didn’t she call for help for him? Oh, maybe bc she knew he would get arrested and potentially lose his job for what he did to the cab driver.

      Instead, she is no where to be found.

      Strange behavior for someone who is celebrating their wedding day.

      You bet your ass if my husband is having a throw down, I will be there trying to calm the situation down.

      Secondly, we seem to forget that the Bruno assaulted the cab driver.
      For reported having the meter running and calling his wife a name.
      Wow, what a great reason. We should all be allowed to beat people up for calling us names.
      Why is everyone not talking about this.
      If someone assaults you, it’s okay for them to just walks away!? He was not an innocent victim.

      Lastly, Bruno knew there were bystanders there video taping him and he looks directly into the camera before choking and punching Hubbard in the face.

      He did not deserve to die, but Hubbard did the right thing. He had no other choice.

  • Mike Tragesser

    The Police Officer did what he had to do. Sadly, the drunk firefighter gave him no other option. No backup was present, and the aggression had escalated so quickly that the officer could easily have been killed himself. If you have not been in this situation yourself, then you have no idea how dangerous it is.

  • Mike Tragesser

    Why did the officer not wait for backup? Contain the man from a safe distance, using stick or taser? If you can’t keep a big man on his belly, then a knee drop to the head is only going to antagonize, and did. After that, well, then he had no choice but to shoot him.

  • OldDirtyThom

    This is fake, wake up people

  • phalegalure

    People always have to to stop criticize and film, but never help. I hope those who stood by looky louing are in the next Videos. PS: never hit a COP.

  • Nomatter

    Good. The guy got what was coming.

  • scottish-jim

    Police killing innocent people almost daily, also rape, thefts and beatings. Hows that for facts?

  • scottish-jim

    Grow up and learn what anarchy actually is! Realise that that your rights are infringed upon all the time by so called laws and so called lawmen. YOU are the idiot, people like you will never wake up unless it happens to you or yours and even then you’d probably shrug it off. “Duh, they need to kill us to protect us, duh!”.

    • Travis Hughes

      I’m really sorry that you think anarchy would work in practice. Ever. It’s a great theory, but then again, so is communism.

  • matt

    this just goes to show what people really think…about police officers.

  • scottish-jim

    You’re an idiot.

  • stan

    I agree – the bystanders sounded like jerks. And I don’t blame the cop for shooting him.

  • Yare Time

    The cop had control until the firefighter wouldn’t give him his hands to apply the handcuffs. At that point the cop had no choice but to apply force to make the firefighter submit. But 20 pounds advantage, you knew it was going to end up bad for the cop.


    I think the police need to be retrained to deal with situations of this nature. Him being off duty might have had an impact on the situation. In my opinion the cop should be willing to die before taking the life of someone they are arresting for a possible crime.

  • Jeremy

    Think the cop was in the wrong? What would you do if the bones in your face were being crushed while you lay there helpless?

    Hubbard reportedly suffered a skull fracture and broken face bones after the assault; he required facial reconstructive surgery.

    Read more at:

    • Ryan Borger

      Did you miss the part where the cop kneed his head while his face was on the sidewalk? What would YOU do if a cop had all his weight on you and swung his knee full force into the side of your head?

  • Geoff

    Racists cops at it again

  • s trav

    I am not a big police fan, but this was a good shooting.

  • Thomas

    This is the saddest video. The cop had no choice. Kill or be killed. This criminal was no firefighter, he was mad man. What a disgrace to the fire service

  • Sheep O’Doom

    Only if you think running into a burning building with a garden hose & in your street clothes is 100% correct too…

  • whiz

    wow some people don’t understand police are so under paid businesses will pay for off duty officers to do security for an event. They are still real officers with full police powers this guy held back as long as he could before he used lethal force I don’t see anything wrong.

  • Larry Fraga

    This cop had it in for this guy, when he was trying to handcuffe him, I think he needs to be looked into and fired.

  • nbear

    The thing that escalates this entire situation is the cop slamming his knees on the head of the victim. That is when the FF started to try to defend himself. Then the cop kills him. The cop created the escalation. He may have been defending himself with the shots, but maybe he wouldn’t have had to defend himself if he didn’t smash the guys head into the ground with all his weight.

  • Eric Morales

    agreed – question the cops but not when the video speaks for itself…you are vapid & obtuse to deny the obvious…

  • Mm

    The cop only “kneed” him because Bruno had been resisting arrest for few minutes. He appears to be repositioning himself but may have accidentally done it when he repositioned himself.
    He was fully aware that he was bring video taped Nd even asked the bystanders for “a little help here”.

    Regardless, he did absolutely nothing wrong.
    First of all, Bruno had no right to beat up the cab driver who had numerous black and blues on his arms, torso and face. It doesn’t matter if he called him, his wife, his mother, a name. That doesn’t give anyone a right to beat someone up.
    Secondly, his blood alcohol level was .21. Everyone knows when you get drunk, you cannot control yourself. He was stupid for getting drunk.
    Third, he walked away from a scene of a crime, after committing the crime, and then resisted arrested.

    What I don’t understand is why his wife didnt try to stop him when he started hitting the cab driver. You can see that after she gets out of the cab, she heads for the hotel doors and Bruno get out and start punching the cab driver in the face and right arm./torso.

    If my husband was drunk and not in control, I would try to calm him down and tell him to forget about it.

    Instead she walks straight into the hotel without a care. Doesn’t even turn around.

    Doesn’t even bother or care to go see what happens to her new husband after he is chased by the cops.
    I would have followed him and the cop. Hell, I would have called the cops for help.

    It just doesn’t make sense to me.

    Lastly, in the shooting video you can see Bruno look directly at the bystanders when they are telling not to hit the cop. He is fully aware that there are witnesses, they have cameras out and may possibly be video taping him, but he proceeds to punch and choke hold the cop.

  • Pissedoff

    17 years with KCPD. Working off duty in full kcpd uniform-Marriott renta cop my ass!!! Do some research. By the way, if he hadn’t used his fire arm, the officer would be dead. He did his job.

  • Pissedoff

    Kcpd uniform

  • Pissedoff

    Thank you sir. So many people have no idea. And thank you for your service.

  • Belal

    Typical, cop escalates the situation but doesn’t have anything to worry about, living “above the law”. Yes, the firefighter shouldn’t of defended himself from a cop holding him down and kneeing him in the head….. It’s like they tell us “regardless if the cop is violating the law, you have to do whatever he says or else!”

  • Belal

    I’ve re-watched this video several times, to me it appears the officer is dealing with a drunk belligerent, BUT he escalates the situation by moving in front of the man and kneeing him in the head, that is when the firefighter started actually fighting. If you don’t want to have your life put on the line, don’t be a cop, it’s their job to put their lives in danger, I’m tired of this excuse that OH the cop felt threatened so he killed the guy….

  • baconator3

    Shepp O”Doom and VomitO, you are both dumbasses. The FF was in the wrong and running to get away. He should just stopped and been a man about it, but instead he is dead because he was stupid

  • SS

    The stupid couple standing there filming should have called for help instead of standing there being useless. The cop even asked them to call for help. Dumbasses. If someone is on top of me pounding my head into concrete I’d shoot them too. The firefighter got what he deserved.

  • William Jonathan Brasky

    That’s silly. It’s very uncommon for police to prevent crime. They show up after the fact for most crimes. The only way toto truly prevent yourself from becoming a victim is to stop it yourself.

    People really need to be more self sufficient and responsible. It’s not the governments job to protect (or feed, house, insure, educate, etc)you, it’s your job.

  • William Jonathan Brasky

    Already done. Blood alcohol content of .23

  • tastethatbason?

    thats every cops flippin excuse i was fearful of my life! i was fearful of my life….the “cop” should have called 9-1-1 seeing how he is just a lone SECURITY gaurd at this point.

  • Vetinfringed


  • Conservative Girl

    I am taking a different stance about this situation. I do know from personal experience that there are good cops and bad cops, good citizens and bad citizens. I believe that when a cop is at fault, he needs to be appropriately punished as does the citizen who commits a crime.

    This is yet another reason for not drinking alcohol if you cannot stop before you are wasted. A waste of a human life, another human who has to live with the fact that he killed someone, people all around that are traumatized. WHY? Because when people are drunk, they do really stupid things a LOT of the time. Drunks are argumentative, they kill people when they choose to drive a vehicle, they do and say things they would never think of if they were sober, so yeah, tell me something GOOD about booze!!

    Statistics show that in the US about 30 people die EVERY SINGLE DAY from drunk driving. This means one death about every 48 minutes. The annual cost of alcohol related crashes total more than 51 BILLION DOLLARS. What a waste of life and money!

  • Don

    Then why did you state in your previous post that you were NOT a law enforcement officer? I’m not going to go back to the video from 6 months ago, but I believe that the officer was defending himself. It plays out different and the suspect somehow kills the cop and then what are we saying? I respect your opinion and we’ll leave it at that. But I’m tired of how the police as a whole are being persecuted lately. You of all people should know how you have a big target on your back as it is. There are too many people out there that wouldn’t think twice about taking out a cop – drunk or not. Sometimes that moment to think about “common sense” is the moment between life and death.

    • Mick Mayers

      I am not disagreeing with you; I think there are too many people second-guessing LEOs trying to do a job in difficult circumstances. And I don’t believe for a second this wasn’t a difficult circumstance and there are a lot of factors we don’t know about here. I’m just saying that sometimes we (all of us) need to stop for a second and say, “Are we making this better or worse?” when we take actions. I think this was a tragedy and if we all talk about it respectfully, and look at the issues, maybe we can stop it from happening again. I am no longer a LEO. I was a long time ago. But really that doesn’t make a difference in this situation.

  • The Batman

    She was there with a male, boyfriend, husband, don’t recall if it was specified, but they ran along as the cop chased the guy, they had enough time to call it in.

  • The Batman

    It wasn’t her place to question him about the arrest, nor the time.