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Drones ‘R’ us: Video above furniture store fire in OR – Washington Nationals with a drone no-no

Drone video above by Carl Schreiner of a fire Sunday afternoon that destroyed Kuebler’s Furniture store in Roseburg, Ore.

The fire was reported around 5 p.m. Sunday by neighbors and was still burning five hours later, fueled by furniture inside the store and the wind, (Fire Marshal Tony) DiMare said.

“New furniture is actually more flammable than older furniture because of the plastics” and materials, DiMare said, “so there was a heavy fuel load inside.”

A reminder for those using drones that they have not been cleared by the FAA for commercial use. Even the Washington Nationals found this out the hard way after using one to get aerial pictures of their players during spring training in Florida (click here for details).

I’ve seen drone video posted to YouTube that allowed YouTube ads to appear. I’m not a lawyer, but if you read the article about the Nationals issue, it makes it pretty clear that could be a problem.


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  • Russell Randolph

    There is a lot of discussion about drones online to keep a reader busy for months. The thrust of the anti drone that is, “people with tinfoil on their heads” is the belief that personal privacy is in jeopardy from drones and they fear the police could use them as armed planes to target people. Its funny to read that the only reference they have and frequently cite (because its the only ones they have) are military strikes. I guess they cannot distinguish between war and peaceful uses.
    Drones would be an invaluable tool for the fire service, search and rescue and law enforcement (once we get past the KOOKS and their tinfoil hats) because to me there is no difference between human eyes operating a UAV or a helicopter

  • Kathy Williams

    Drones provide views of many sides of a building at once, and people in trouble at windows or whatever could be spotted fast, and firefighters could be safer because of the drone views. Of course, no one wants an airplane or helicopter to hit a drone. But in most drone videos I’ve seen (and this is admittedly not many), there are no other aircraft in the area at the same time.