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UPDATED: Arrival video at 2-alarm explosion & fire in NE Washington, DC – Body found in rubble

Above and below is a series of early videos from André Jessee from a two-alarm fire just before 4:00 this afternoon (Wednesday) at 16th and Isherwood in Northeast Washington, DC. The bottom two videos are from from mattashburn and’s John Mullen.

Investigators are trying to determine the cause of a deadly row house explosion and fire Wednesday afternoon.

The explosion caused the second floor of a home in the 1600 block of Isherwood Street, N.E to collapse onto the first floor. One person died inside the house when it exploded.

Wednesday, officials said the house was too unstable and they would not be able to recover the body until Thursday morning.

The 1600 block of Isherwood Street is densely packed with row houses. There were four apartment units withing the one row house that exploded. At least three row houses and 12 units were damaged in the explosion.

Officials say the “rear of the building has collapsed” and the conditions are “extremely dangerous.”


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  • 19262007

    C’mon, where are all the troll comments for DCFD Firefighting operations, I see plenty to rag on, there’s plenty of 10 and 15 second clips! Is everyone really more concerned with what’s going on with looserbe?! He’s just another idiot in charge of a large operation, you can find that EVERYWHERE!!

    • Fire21

      If you’re so observant, YOU tell US what you see wrong. I’m interested in your professional opinion…..

      • 19262007

        It’s called SARCASM slim. I see vfl took the bait.

  • volunteer for life

    guy on ladder with no scba. thats rifgt pros don’t get hurt.