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Fireworks store burns in TN – Watch the raw video

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(Thanks to Andrew Doyle for sending this to STATter911.)


Heavy flames and smoke took over the Fireworks Superstore in Campbell County Sunday afternoon.

The store is located at the Huntsville/Oneida 141 exit of I-75. Campbell County dispatch said the call came in around 4:15 p.m.

Flames could be seen through the roof when the first officer arrived, according to officials on the scene.

Witnesses said they saw fireworks shooting off as the store burned down. Burn marks could be seen on the grass next to the interstate across from the fireworks store.


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  • Bronwen K. Williams

    Fireworks store – not a good place for a fire. Travis’ video is excellent (the last fireworks store video on the page). Dave, the video from Camilo Rodriguez Guarda (the last video on your page) is of a highway accident, two tractor trailers and a car, with Brandy Station Volunteer Fire Dept.

  • Greg Crews

    “Nothing to see here, move along please. Nothing to see here.”

  • Gary Defilippis

    whewwwwwww the Ferris wheels survived!