5 days ago

    Lieutenants make porn video in firehouse & post it online

    Akron Fire Department conducting investigation
    1 week ago

    News reports: Eight FDNY firefighters suspended over Medal Day fights

    News reports indicate there is more video for investigators
    1 week ago

    Iowa Firefighter arrested for driving apparatus drunk to crash scene

    Long-time Humboldt volunteer resigns after arrest
    2 weeks ago

    UPDATED: FDNY Medal Day ends in racial slur fed brawl between firefighters

    FDNY & NYPD now investigating after fights outside bar and firehouse on Medal Day
    3 weeks ago

    What was he thinking? Politician campaigns at Maryland LODD viewing

    State senate candidate apologizes at the same time he calls the story "FAKE NEWS"
    May 24, 2018

    What should Fairfax County do after major embarrassment during I-Women Conference?

    Maybe Fairfax County should finally do the right thing
    May 23, 2018

    ACLU files federal suit against Fairfax County Fire & Rescue & IAFF local over discrimination

    ACLU claims harassment, bullying, discrimination and retaliation.
    May 22, 2018

    Racing twitter during a LODD – MD governor’s tweet announces local police officer’s murder

    Long before Baltimore County announces officer's death, Gov. Larry Hogan Jr. has the news
    May 19, 2018

    Chapter 2: PA fire department battle results in wiretapping charges against firefighter/videographer

    Criminal charges in Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania conflict
    May 17, 2018

    Fire captain accused of sharing naked pictures from cell phone left in ambulance

    Criminal investigation underway in Eloy, Arizona

    Fireground Audio

      Mar 28, 2018

      Video & radio traffic: 2-alarm house fire in Falls Church, Virginia

      Fire early Sunday on Great Falls Street
      Mar 22, 2018

      Video & radio traffic: Garage fire spreads to homes on either side

      Wednesday fire in Sloan, New York
      Mar 20, 2018

      Listen live: School shooting in Maryland

      Shooting at Great Mills High School in St. Mary's County.

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        4 weeks ago

        Chicago Firefighter Juan Bucio dies in search for missing boater

        Monday night search turned deadly for Chicago Fire Department diver
        Mar 28, 2018

        Watch live: Memorial service for York, PA Firefighters Ivan Flanscha & Zachary Anthony

        Firefighters died after wall collapse last week
        Mar 27, 2018

        Watch live: Remembering FDNY’s Michael Davidson

        Davidson killed last week in a five-alarm fire in Harlem
        Mar 24, 2018

        Two West Virginia firefighters dead, 3 injured after side of rig is crushed

        Pratt Volunteer Fire Department was responding to serious crash on I-77 in Kanawha County
        Mar 23, 2018

        FDNY Firefighter Michael R. Davidson dies at Harlem 5-alarm fire where movie was being shot

        Actor Edward Norton who was directing the film spotted the smoke during outside scene
        Mar 23, 2018

        Firefighters Ivan Flanscha & Zachary Anthony killed in York, PA collapse

        Assistant Chief Greg Altland & Firefighter Erik Swanson injured
        Mar 22, 2018

        One firefighter dead after wall collapse a day after York, PA building fire began

        Three firefighters injured after wall collapse
        Feb 13, 2018

        Watch briefing on death of Tennessee Firefighter Jason Dickey

        Lawrenceburg firefighter died in collapse during house fire overhaul
        Feb 13, 2018

        One firefighter killed in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee house fire

        Collapse at house fire Monday night also injures two other firefighters
        Jan 12, 2018

        Watch live: Funeral Mass for Philadelphia Fire Dept. Lt. Matthew LeTourneau

        Lt. LeTourneau killed Saturday after structural collapse at rowhouse fire
        Jan 8, 2018

        Arrangements for Philadelphia FD Lt. Matthew LeTourneau

        Lt. LeTourneau died in a structural collapse during a rowhouse fire Saturday
        Oct 9, 2017

        Police say impaired driver struck & killed North Carolina firefighter at emergency scene

        Triple Community Fire Department's Jason Hensley died at scene Sunday night