21 hours ago

    Is the battle against vaccine mandates harming the image of firefighters?

    As 500 from LAFD sue city columnist believes firefighters are turning & running instead of serving and protecting
    1 day ago

    Pre-arrival video: FDNY at fire above corner store in Brooklyn

    Fire Wednesday at 44th Street and 15th Avenue in Borough Park
    6 days ago

    Video & radio traffic: Rescues at Kansas apartment fire

    Wichita Fire Department video of apartment fire with people trapped
    1 week ago

    Body-cam video: Deputy sheriffs handle water supply at Nevada house fire

    Washoe County deputies drag LDH to hydrant for Truckee Meadows Fire and Rescue
    1 week ago

    September 11, 2001

    The view from the Pentagon and a fire chief's vision
      21 hours ago

      Is the battle against vaccine mandates harming the image of firefighters?

      As 500 from LAFD sue city columnist believes firefighters are turning & running instead of serving and protecting
      Aug 2, 2021

      Firefighters & police mistake woman’s body for mannequin

      Body left in dumpster behind police station until man reports woman missing
      Jul 31, 2021

      Texas firefighter arrested after claiming he & his family had Covid

      Felony charge for Dallas Fire-Rescue firefighter investigators believe went to resort during paid "Covid leave"
      Jul 28, 2021

      NEW: DC 911 abandons emergency radio channel for 20 minutes

      911 head taking action against dispatchers who leave radios unanswered
      Jul 11, 2021

      Radio traffic: MD fire chief threatens to have sheriff remove firefighters not obeying evacuation order

      Charles County fire occurred Friday at the home of local firefighters
      Jun 18, 2021

      Firefighter charged after pointing gun at driver in North Carolina

      Woman also charged for driving into the emergency scene
      Jun 17, 2021

      The death of Len Bias: When the truth came too quickly

      The June 19, 1986 cocaine induced death of Bias brought a different kind of anger directed toward reporters
      Jun 14, 2021

      Caught on camera: Firefighter draws gun on driver at highway scene in North Carolina

      Not a lot known about Saturday confrontation in Columbus County
      May 28, 2021

      Houston firefighters investigated for video of models posing with fire engine

      Mayor wants to know how this occurred. Investigation ongoing.
      May 15, 2021

      Survey says 40% of Detroit firefighters have witnessed drinking on the job

      Audit was ordered after two recent crashes involving firefighters accused of drinking on duty

      Fireground Audio

        4 weeks ago

        Arrival video & radio traffic from deadly Pennsylvania house fire

        Person found on first floor of burning Delaware County home
        Jun 2, 2021

        Early video & radio traffic: 4 alarm fire with structural collapse in New Jersey

        Fire Friday in Paterson damaged four buildings, including a church
        May 28, 2021

        Arrival video: Dispute over evacuation order during 2-alarm rowhouse fire in PA

        Command uses RIT in effort to get firefighters to leave building during Mt. Carmel fire
        Mar 24, 2021

        Listen: Boulder Fire-Rescue radio traffic from King Soopers shootings

        Ten people, including a police officer murdered in Monday's rampage
        Nov 23, 2020

        Radio traffic: DC firefighter wounded after responding to shooting scene

        After initially determining scene was secure firefighters ended up in middle of gunfire
        Jul 22, 2020

        DC 911 dispatches same call to the wrong quadrant 3 different times

        Also: Duplicate dispatch on a separate call causes confusion
        Jul 13, 2020

        DC 911 dispatched firefighters 7 times to the same fallen tree

        The things you learn by listening to an entire day of DC 911 radio traffic
        Jul 9, 2020

        Early video: Explosion at Maryland house fire

        Explosion occurs before Montgomery County firefighters enter home
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          Aug 11, 2021

          Fire captain killed in Maryland house fire

          Floor collapse leads to death of Captain Joshua Laird of Frederick County
          Jul 5, 2021

          Pennsylvania Firefighter Sean DeMuynck dies in house fire

          Penn Wynne Fire Company's DeMuynck was scheduled to move back to his native Canada today
          Jun 1, 2021

          UPDATE: Los Angeles County firefighter killed in fire station shooting & captain wounded

          Gunman was off-duty firefighter whose home was set on fire
          May 12, 2021

          New Haven Firefighter Ricardo Torres killed in overnight fire

          Lt. Samod Rankins in medically induced coma
          Mar 24, 2021

          Body of Firefighter Jared Lloyd recovered from rubble of Rockland County, NY fire

          Jared Lloyd was a 15-year member of the Spring Valley Fire Department
          Mar 23, 2021

          Video: Rockland County, NY firefighter missing after mayday at senior home fire

          Resident killed in Tuesday morning fire -- firefighter's mayday came during rescues of residents
          Jan 29, 2021

          Two Oklahoma firefighters die in house fire

          Two residents killed in Waynoka fire
          Dec 27, 2020

          Air National Guard firefighter killed in West Virginia fire

          Other firefighters injured in collapse at Kearneysville fire
          Jun 26, 2020

          Firefighter charged with murder in arson that killed fellow firefighter

          Iaeger VFD's Russell Roberson died in fire
          Jun 21, 2020

          West Virginia firefighter killed during house fire rescue attempt

          Iaeger Fire Department firefighter killed
          Mar 14, 2020

          Michigan firefighter Ben Lauren killed in duplex fire

          Forsyth Township firefighter was third generation volunteer
          Mar 9, 2020

          Firefighter killed in Pennsylvania house fire

          House fire occurred early Monday in Boiling Springs, Cumberland County
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