5 days ago

    Church confirms late DC police & fire chaplain ‘credibly accused’ of abusing children

    Msgr. R. Joseph Dooley was revered by police & firefighters in Nation's Capital
    3 weeks ago

    Did bureaucratic delay inside Orlando Fire fail victims of Pulse nightclub shooting?

    Could 16 people have been saved with policy & gear that allowed a faster FD response?
    4 weeks ago

    Jobs lost over practicing intubation on body at fire station

    Bellingham, WA firefighters practiced while waiting for funeral home to pick up body
    4 weeks ago

    Elderly man trapped for 5 days in apartment after DC 4-alarm fire

    Investigation underway looking at how man was missed
    Sep 14, 2018

    Denver TV station apologizes for report saying EMS crew ignored call to help child

    KMGH-TV/Denver 7 says it was "incorrect for us to state that the initial crew ignored the request for assistance"
    Sep 7, 2018

    Assistant chief in Utah charged with raping female firefighter who recorded attack

    Arrest on charges of raping woman in firehouse multiple times
    Sep 5, 2018

    After 2 DC engines collide union cites no EVOC & fleet problems

    No drive-cams operating & one engine had expired inspection sticker
    Aug 30, 2018

    Ambulance service demands Denver TV station apologize for false report

    KMGH-TV wrongly accused EMS crew of ignoring request to help injured boy
    Aug 29, 2018

    Caught on camera: Reporter handcuffed after Denver Police decide HIPAA trumps 1A

    Reporter keeps taking pictures after being ordered to stop

    Fireground Audio

      4 weeks ago

      Early video & radio traffic from PA apartment fire

      Fire Thursday in Bensalem
      Jul 30, 2018

      Video: New Jersey townhomes burn – evacuation ordered

      Sunday fire in New Milford brought fire department to the scene twice
      Jul 24, 2018

      More video & radio traffic from 5-alarm fire in Prospect Heights, Illinois

      96 apartments damaged or destroyed in three buildings
      Jul 19, 2018

      Video & radio traffic from 5-alarm apartment fire in Illinois

      Prospect Heights fire spread to multiple buildings
      Jul 2, 2018

      Early video & radio traffic from Georgia house fire

      Fire on South Long Hollow Road in Trion area
      May 14, 2018

      Pre-arrival video & radio traffic with a lot going on in Delaware County, Pennsylvania

      Vehicle fire extends to deck in Darby Township
      May 2, 2018

      Deadly C-130 crash caught on video – Police, fire & EMS radio traffic

      Also, pre-arrival video from Georgia crash

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        1 week ago

        Virginia firefighter killed, two others seriously injured in Interstate crash

        Hanover County Lt. Brad Clark killed in I-295 wreck
        Sep 8, 2018

        Video: South Dakota firefighter killed after propane tank explodes

        Fire Friday spread to several structures in Tilford
        Aug 11, 2018

        Structural collapse at house fire kills assistant chief in Oklahoma

        Jackson County fire took life of Friendship Fire Department Assistant Chief Madison ( Maddy) Lee Clinton Jr.
        Jul 23, 2018

        Firefighter Nathan Flynn, Howard County (MD) Department of Fire & Rescue Services

        Firefighter Flynn killed in overnight fire in Clarksville
        Jul 23, 2018

        Howard County, MD firefighter killed in 7-alarm mansion fire

        Mansion fire Monday morning in Clarksville
        Jul 11, 2018

        Video: Local politician appears to mock NH firefighter killed in training accident

        Comments came as Laconia, NH union president sparred with City Council member at public meeting
        Jul 11, 2018

        Firefighter killed in Wisconsin natural gas explosion

        Firefighters were investigating gas leak in Sun Prairie when explosion occurred
        Jun 26, 2018

        40-years-ago: A personal look at a tragic day in Prince George’s County, MD

        The deaths of Officers Rusty Claggett and Brian Swart
        Jun 25, 2018

        Capt. Dave Rosa, Long Beach (CA) Fire Department, shot & killed at senior high-rise fire

        17-year department veteran killed and second firefighter wounded