1 day ago

    Pre-arrival video & radio traffic from Pennsylvania house fire

    Fire on Gorsuch Street in Ridley Township, Delaware County
    3 days ago

    Video: House fire on Long Island

    Fire Thursday on Hawthorne Drive West in Wantagh, New York
    4 days ago

    Early video: Service station set on fire in California

    Man arrested and clerk suffered smoke inhalation at a fire on East La Palma Avenue in Anaheim
    1 week ago

    St. Louis Firefighter Benjamin Polson dies after roof collapse during house fire

    Collapse reported to have come during retreat from fire in vacant home on Thursday
    1 week ago

    40 years ago: Air Florida Flight 90 crash & Metro train derailment in Washington, DC

    Looking back at January 13, 1982 and two deadly transportation collisions in the nation's capital
      1 week ago

      Does your community understand the current EMS crisis?

      Help the news media realize the hospital crisis is also an EMS crisis with enormous challenges keeping ambulances on the…
      2 weeks ago

      Virginia officials delayed coordination with local jurisdictions to help people stranded on I-95

      STATter911 has learned a unified command wasn't set up with local fire, EMS & other agencies until well after dawn…
      4 weeks ago

      Q: Is the Fairfax County Police Department corrupt? A: ______________________________

      Fairfax County again exercises its right to remain silent and ask for a lawyer
      Dec 7, 2021

      More than 100 LAFD firefighters on leave without pay over vaccine mandate

      For now, those firefighters can use "vacation hours or banked overtime to offset their lost wages"
      Nov 26, 2021

      The butt wipe heard round the world

      Like it or not, one defiant LAFD firefighter is now the image of firefighters fighting vaccine mandates
      Nov 17, 2021

      Health department suspends licenses of 7 from DC Fire & EMS over vaccine mandate

      City administrator says disciplinary process leading to termination is well under way
      Oct 30, 2021

      News report: Closures at 26 firehouses in New York over vaccine mandate

      FDNY says closed fire companies are due to a sickout.
      Oct 29, 2021

      FDNY ladder crew suspended after taking rig to politician’s office over vaccine mandate

      Commissioner Nigro accuses Ladder 113 crew of harassment after senator's staff felt threatened
      Oct 15, 2021

      Seattle Fire Department prepares for losing firefighters due to vaccine mandate

      Religious exemption denied, a veteran firefighter cleans out his locker
      Oct 6, 2021

      Police investigated firehouse sexual pranks by SC firefighters

      Five fired but no criminal charges after Columbia firefighter walking off the job prompted police investigation

      Fireground Audio

        2 weeks ago

        Radio traffic: 13 dead, including 7 children in Philly rowhouse fire

        Fire Wednesday morning on North 23rd Street in the Fairmount section of the city
        Aug 26, 2021

        Arrival video & radio traffic from deadly Pennsylvania house fire

        Person found on first floor of burning Delaware County home
        Jun 2, 2021

        Early video & radio traffic: 4 alarm fire with structural collapse in New Jersey

        Fire Friday in Paterson damaged four buildings, including a church
        May 28, 2021

        Arrival video: Dispute over evacuation order during 2-alarm rowhouse fire in PA

        Command uses RIT in effort to get firefighters to leave building during Mt. Carmel fire
        Mar 24, 2021

        Listen: Boulder Fire-Rescue radio traffic from King Soopers shootings

        Ten people, including a police officer murdered in Monday's rampage
        Nov 23, 2020

        Radio traffic: DC firefighter wounded after responding to shooting scene

        After initially determining scene was secure firefighters ended up in middle of gunfire
        Jul 22, 2020

        DC 911 dispatches same call to the wrong quadrant 3 different times

        Also: Duplicate dispatch on a separate call causes confusion
        Jul 13, 2020

        DC 911 dispatched firefighters 7 times to the same fallen tree

        The things you learn by listening to an entire day of DC 911 radio traffic
        You need to set the YouTube API Key in the theme options page > Integrations.

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          1 week ago

          St. Louis Firefighter Benjamin Polson dies after roof collapse during house fire

          Collapse reported to have come during retreat from fire in vacant home on Thursday
          Aug 11, 2021

          Fire captain killed in Maryland house fire

          Floor collapse leads to death of Captain Joshua Laird of Frederick County
          Jul 5, 2021

          Pennsylvania Firefighter Sean DeMuynck dies in house fire

          Penn Wynne Fire Company's DeMuynck was scheduled to move back to his native Canada today
          Jun 1, 2021

          UPDATE: Los Angeles County firefighter killed in fire station shooting & captain wounded

          Gunman was off-duty firefighter whose home was set on fire
          May 12, 2021

          New Haven Firefighter Ricardo Torres killed in overnight fire

          Lt. Samod Rankins in medically induced coma
          Mar 24, 2021

          Body of Firefighter Jared Lloyd recovered from rubble of Rockland County, NY fire

          Jared Lloyd was a 15-year member of the Spring Valley Fire Department
          Mar 23, 2021

          Video: Rockland County, NY firefighter missing after mayday at senior home fire

          Resident killed in Tuesday morning fire -- firefighter's mayday came during rescues of residents
          Jan 29, 2021

          Two Oklahoma firefighters die in house fire

          Two residents killed in Waynoka fire
          Dec 27, 2020

          Air National Guard firefighter killed in West Virginia fire

          Other firefighters injured in collapse at Kearneysville fire
          Jun 26, 2020

          Firefighter charged with murder in arson that killed fellow firefighter

          Iaeger VFD's Russell Roberson died in fire
          Jun 21, 2020

          West Virginia firefighter killed during house fire rescue attempt

          Iaeger Fire Department firefighter killed
          Mar 14, 2020

          Michigan firefighter Ben Lauren killed in duplex fire

          Forsyth Township firefighter was third generation volunteer
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