12 hours ago

    Early video & radio traffic: Closest 3 fire stations to deadly Maryland fire weren’t staffed

    PGFD union highlights staffing issues during Saturday fire where 2 were pulled from burning home
    3 days ago

    DC recruit photo investigated: Are hand signals racist or a game?

    DC Fire & EMS Department photo of April 2019 recruit class had been shared on Facebook
    6 days ago

    Hypocrisy in Detroit? Pictures surface of commissioner & deputy posing in front of burning buildings

    Pictures come out after Commissioner Eric Jones announces discipline against firefighters posing in front of burning home
    1 week ago

    Detroit fire commissioner says posing firefighters will be held accountable

    Investigation into fireground picture to commemorate battalion chief's retirement is complete
    2 weeks ago

    Sheriff says drunk firefighter stole fire engine to get his car out of a ditch

    Baton Rouge firefighter took rig from fire company where he had volunteered
    2 weeks ago

    DC’s Metro waits almost a half-hour to call fire department about fire alarm

    Police officer sent to investigate & finds smoke in bus building 25-minutes later
    2 weeks ago

    Posing Detroit firefighters photo makes worldwide news — homeowner’s family speaks out

    What seemed like an innocent retirement photo turns into a fire service image problem
    3 weeks ago

    Detroit fire commissioner unhappy with firefighters posing in front of burning vacant home

    Group picture was meant to celebrate a retirement from Detroit Fire Department
    Dec 13, 2019

    MD 911 caller spells out name of correct street & firefighters were still sent to the wrong address

    Call-taker was clearly given correct location within 60-seconds but there was still a 9-minute delay
    Dec 12, 2019

    New: DC 911 takes almost 10-minutes to dispatch firefighters to a subway tunnel fire

    Significant dispatch delays during 3 separate Metro incidents Tuesday, but Dupont/Woodley was the worst

    Fireground Audio

      12 hours ago

      Early video & radio traffic: Closest 3 fire stations to deadly Maryland fire weren’t staffed

      PGFD union highlights staffing issues during Saturday fire where 2 were pulled from burning home
      4 days ago

      Must see video & radio traffic: Building collapses as DC’s Truck 13 rides by

      One civilian injured in collapse of building under renovation
      6 days ago

      A must listen: DC 911 sends firefighters to the wrong address & then creates chaos

      OUC sends out the wrong address even though the correct address was in the computer.
      4 weeks ago

      DC 911 sends firefighters to wrong address & takes 6-minutes to correct it

      DC Fire & EMS dispatched to wrong quadrant of the city
      Dec 8, 2019

      Radio traffic: MD firefighters dispatched to wrong address during house fire with people trapped

      7 minutes lost before correct dispatch to Montgomery County home 10 miles away
      Nov 17, 2019

      Early video & radio traffic from apartment fire in Fairfax County, VA

      Fire through the roof of a garden apartment building early Saturday--3 rescued

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        2 weeks ago

        Missouri firefighter killed in roof collapse at house fire

        West Peculiar FPD firefighter dies in fire on Deer Run Road
        Nov 22, 2019

        25-years-ago: Ambush at DC Police headquarters

        A police sergeant and two FBI agents were killed
        Nov 18, 2019

        Watch funeral for Lt. Jason Menard, Worcester Fire Department

        Service begins at 11:00 a.m. ET
        Nov 13, 2019

        Worcester Fire Department Lt. Jason Menard killed during 4-alarm fire

        Lt. Menard died during mayday call to rescue trapped firefighters
        Oct 28, 2019

        DC firefighter dies after medical emergency at training academy

        Technician Alex Graham, Engine 21
        Sep 16, 2019

        Maine firefighter killed in apparent propane explosion that leveled building

        Farmington explosion injured 6, including 4 firefighters
        Aug 9, 2019

        50-years-ago two Prince George’s County, MD firefighters died during water rescue attempt

        Firefighters Robert Harmon and Robert Hobstetter were members of Chillum-Adelphi VFD
        Jun 14, 2019

        Body-cam video of shooting that killed Appleton, WI Firefighter Mitch Lundgaard

        Law enforcement officials release findings of the investigation
        May 16, 2019

        Firefighter Mitch Lundgaard, Appleton (WI) FD shot & killed during EMS run

        Firefighter shot along with police officer on Wednesday
        May 16, 2019

        Appleton, WI firefighter shot & killed on EMS response

        Police officer and two others wounded during Wednesday incident
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