5 days ago

    Video: 3-alarm fire in Massachusetts

    Fire believed to have started in the basement of 3-story building at Prescott & North in Worcester, MA.
    1 week ago

    Video: Florida house fire

    Lightning strike apparently caused Jacksonville fire
    2 weeks ago

    Serious consequences after EMT cheating scandal uncovered in Indiana

    Muncie captain to lose all EMS certs for 7 years while 8 others get test results voided & 2 years…
    2 weeks ago

    Video roundup from 5-alarm fire in Charlotte, NC

    Report of two missing workers at construction site -- crane operator rescued & injured
    3 weeks ago

    Helmet-cam video from Alabama house fire

    Beauregard Volunteer Fire Department on scene of a fire in a single-story home
      2 weeks ago

      Serious consequences after EMT cheating scandal uncovered in Indiana

      Muncie captain to lose all EMS certs for 7 years while 8 others get test results voided & 2 years…
      Apr 27, 2023

      Assault charge dropped against man in fight with DC firefighters

      Union issues statement defending firefighters. Radio traffic shows firefighters tried to get police to the scene earlier.
      Apr 27, 2023

      UPDATED: Six DC firefighters on leave after fight with person at emergency scene

      DC Fire & EMS statement calls actions "completely unacceptable" after video shows someone being punched & kicked
      Apr 12, 2023

      Fairfax County 911 withheld key information about Metro CPR call

      Official statements about Reston Town Center death conflict with recording of call & 911 center data
      Mar 30, 2023

      Two DC firefighters divert from emergency to pick up fast food

      Internal report show firefighters admit going to Chick-fil-A instead of directly to woman with chest pains
      Mar 28, 2023

      Chicago firefighter accused of running off-duty prostitution business

      Firefighter arrested on charges of having an "erotic massage" business that operated out of his apartment
      Mar 18, 2023

      Two bodies found by neighbors in Oklahoma home a week after fire

      Fire department says firefighters did two searches but were limited due to safety and structural collapse concerns
      Feb 27, 2023

      Is it a new day or just more of the same at DC 911?

      Wednesday's hearing will tell us if Heather McGaffin's serious about transparency & accountability or whether the DC Council cares if…
      Feb 12, 2023

      Lots of questions after delayed newborn CPR call in DC. Will we get answers?

      Dispatcher claims the caller gave the wrong address but that's only one of many questions about early morning response
      Jan 30, 2023

      Memphis Fire Department fires three in Tyre Nichols investigation

      Read entire statement from Memphis Fire Department Chief Gina Sweat announcing the firing of a lieutenant and two firefighter/EMTs

      Fireground Audio

        Dec 30, 2022

        Video & radio traffic: Vacant commercial building fire in Florida

        Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department on the scene of a fire Christmas Eve day
        Aug 14, 2022

        Dash-cam video: House fire in Ohio

        Fire at home on Elmwood Avenue in Newark
        Jul 17, 2022

        Pre-arrival video & radio traffic from 2-alarm Pennsylvania house fire

        Fire Saturday morning in Glenolden Borough
        May 1, 2022

        Pre-arrival video & radio traffic from NH resort fire

        Guests scramble to escape non-sprinklered south wing of hotel at Red Jacket Resort in North Conway
        Apr 27, 2022

        Radio traffic: Mayday at Detroit house fire

        Engine 30's officer reported to be uninjured after becoming trapped
        Apr 15, 2022

        Radio traffic from Delaware fire engine crash that trapped 3 firefighters

        Three Minquadale firefighters with non-life threatening injuries after Monday evening collision with tractor-trailer on I-295
        Jan 5, 2022

        Radio traffic: 13 dead, including 7 children in Philly rowhouse fire

        Fire Wednesday morning on North 23rd Street in the Fairmount section of the city
        Aug 26, 2021

        Arrival video & radio traffic from deadly Pennsylvania house fire

        Person found on first floor of burning Delaware County home
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          Apr 5, 2023

          Chicago Lt. Jan Tchoryk dies in high-rise fire – 2nd LODD in as many days

          Lt. Tchoryk's death comes a day after the line of duty death of Firefighter Jermaine Pelt during an overnight fire…
          Apr 4, 2023

          Chicago FD’s Firefighter Jermaine Pelt dies at early morning fire

          Firefighter Pelt's daughter notified of her dad's death while on her honeymoon
          Dec 7, 2022

          Zachary Paris & Marvin Gruber identified as PA firefighters killed in house fire

          Paris was hired by Frederick County this year leaves behind wife and two young daughters
          Dec 7, 2022

          Two firefighters from New Tripoli Fire Company killed during Pennsylvania house fire

          The firefighters became trapped during an afternoon fire in Schuylkill County. Resident of home reported found in woods dead from…
          Sep 29, 2022

          FDNY EMS Lt. Alison Russo-Elling stabbed to death on duty in Queens

          Union official says Lt. Russo-Elling was about six months away from retirement
          Jun 18, 2022

          Radio traffic: Philadelphia firefighter killed others injured in collapse during overhaul

          Injured reported in stable condition following overnight fire & collapse in restaurant and residential building
          Apr 24, 2022

          FDNY Firefighter Timothy Klein of Ladder 170 dies during Brooklyn third alarm

          Six-year veteran and son of a retired FDNY firefighter died Sunday during the fire on Avenue N in Canarsie
          Apr 16, 2022

          A firefighter died in a house fire & the news barely covered it

          Remembering Kyle Wilson whose death was overshadowed by a national tragedy
          Feb 2, 2022

          Watch live: Memorial service for three Baltimore firefighters

          Lt. Paul Butrim, Lt. Kelsey Sadler & FF/PM Kenneth Lacayo honored at Baltimore Convention service starting at 10 am ET
          Feb 2, 2022

          DC area fire departments in Baltimore to handle fire & EMS during memorial service

          All Baltimore firehouses filled by mutual aid companies from region
          Jan 31, 2022

          Captain Max Fortuna shot & killed responding to Stockton, California dumpster fire

          67-year-old man in custody after Monday morning shooting near Crosstown Freeway
          Jan 24, 2022

          3 Baltimore firefighters dead & 1 critically injured after burning rowhouse collapses

          Collapse occurred during two-alarm fire on South Stricker Street Monday morning
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