2 days ago

    Fire department in Maine stops EMS due to COVID-19

    Rumford FD also tells firefighters to stop working part-time for ambulance company during pandemic
    3 days ago

    Caught on camera: Steeple falls during 4-alarm Baltimore church fire

    Fire at Urban Bible Fellowship Church on Eager Street
    3 days ago

    Pre-arrival video from 3-alarm New Hampshire apartment fire

    Fire spread to second apartment building in Manchester
    5 days ago

    Early video: Carport fire in Los Angeles

    15 cars destroyed or damaged in Pico-Union neighborhood
    7 days ago

    Video: Deli fire in Rockland County, NY

    Fire Tuesday afternoon in Nanuet
      2 days ago

      Fire department in Maine stops EMS due to COVID-19

      Rumford FD also tells firefighters to stop working part-time for ambulance company during pandemic
      1 week ago

      News report: 4th DC firefighter with COVID-19

      Department information indicates two firefighters are hospitalized
      2 weeks ago

      New Orleans Fire Department & EMS will no longer quarantine personnel for COVID-19 exposure

      Superintendent says, "it's not realistic, we'll run out of people"
      2 weeks ago

      3rd DC firefighter with positive test — 141 firefighters under self-quarantine

      The firefighters are connected to three firehouses
      2 weeks ago

      Investigative news site focuses on firefighters who believe coronavirus is a hoax

      ProPublica looks at Facebook comments on "IAFF Union Firefighters for Trump" group
      Feb 27, 2020

      Woman using green line on her burning home arrested for interfering with firefighters & assault

      Lawyer claims charges trumped up against Massachusetts woman
      Feb 26, 2020

      News report: Chicago fire commissioner orders dispatchers to not tell firefighters there are ‘no ambulances’

      Firefighters also told not to ask over radio if there are available ambulances
      Feb 25, 2020

      Atlanta Fire Rescue training academy shut after firefighters get sick

      Union leader says mold is the problem
      Feb 22, 2020

      Firefighters arrested for crossing police line at NJ fire were from FDNY

      News report provides details in arrest of 2 FDNY firefighters at 3-alarm Trenton fire

      Fireground Audio

        Feb 29, 2020

        Listen to radio traffic from stolen ambulance chase in Philadelphia

        Man arrested for stealing the ambulance talked on both EMS and fire channels
        Feb 16, 2020

        Why can’t DC 911 figure out they’re sending duplicate responses to the same emergency?

        Radio traffic: Engine crew on scene when shooting occurs shows how DC 911 wastes resources
        Feb 14, 2020

        DC radio traffic shows little trust & lots of tension during chaotic shooting scene

        Two people shot & related events makes you wonder how well DC 911 will do when the big one happens
        Feb 13, 2020

        Maryland 911 center–like DC–struggles with promptly dispatching Metrorail emergencies

        Montgomery County addressing 3 calls, including one that took more than 10-minutes
        Feb 10, 2020

        Listen: Washington, DC’s three-alarm fire that wasn’t

        DC 911 accidentally dispatches 2nd & 3rd alarms to rowhouse fire
        Feb 9, 2020

        Radio traffic & more video from Virginia conflagration

        Four alarms plus sent to Saturday fire in Fairfax County
        Feb 5, 2020

        Did DC 911 forget to dispatch paramedics to a call?

        Frustrated ambulance crew decides not to wait after 10-minute delay

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          2 weeks ago

          Michigan firefighter Ben Lauren killed in duplex fire

          Forsyth Township firefighter was third generation volunteer
          3 weeks ago

          Firefighter killed in Pennsylvania house fire

          House fire occurred early Monday in Boiling Springs, Cumberland County
          Jan 23, 2020

          Three U.S. firefighters killed while assisting with Australia fires

          Firefighters killed in air tanker crash
          Jan 5, 2020

          Missouri firefighter killed in roof collapse at house fire

          West Peculiar FPD firefighter dies in fire on Deer Run Road
          Nov 22, 2019

          25-years-ago: Ambush at DC Police headquarters

          A police sergeant and two FBI agents were killed
          Nov 18, 2019

          Watch funeral for Lt. Jason Menard, Worcester Fire Department

          Service begins at 11:00 a.m. ET
          Nov 13, 2019

          Worcester Fire Department Lt. Jason Menard killed during 4-alarm fire

          Lt. Menard died during mayday call to rescue trapped firefighters
          Oct 28, 2019

          DC firefighter dies after medical emergency at training academy

          Technician Alex Graham, Engine 21
          Sep 16, 2019

          Maine firefighter killed in apparent propane explosion that leveled building

          Farmington explosion injured 6, including 4 firefighters
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