2 weeks ago

    Polk County, FL fire chief resigns after report into controversial fire released

    Chief Anthony Stravino gone a day after report found firefighters weren't prepared to make rescue
    2 weeks ago

    Report shows first firefighters at deadly FL fire weren’t prepared to fight a fire & save a life

    Report released Monday about Polk County fire that killed Lorretta Pickard
    3 weeks ago

    Firefighter’s synagogue shooting comment — what would you do?

    Sometimes they make it hard for you to ignore
    3 weeks ago

    NJ volunteer firefighter says academy instructor tortured and raped her

    Federal lawsuit filed against Ocean County instructor
    3 weeks ago

    Must see video: Upset driver forces Maryland fire engine to stop in roadway

    A bit of road rage caught on video in the Lexington Park area
    3 weeks ago

    Truth in advertising in volunteer recruitment campaign

    Missouri fire department gets attention with its recruitment sign
    Apr 15, 2019

    Facebook Live: Man slams fire department’s water problems during house fire

    Posted by Jerome Frazier on Saturday, April 13, 2019 Looking for a quality used fire truck? Selling one? Visit our…
    Apr 15, 2019

    The fireground selfie remains alive and well despite STATter911 general order

    Jersey Shore commercial fire becomes backdrop for firefighters
    Apr 11, 2019

    Veteran fire captain arrested after off-duty dare from girlfriend to walk naked into 7-11

    Lynnfield, MA Capt. John Walsh placed on leave after Rhode Island arrest

    Fireground Audio

      1 week ago

      DC firefighters cite new staging policy in death of man in hi-rise fire

      Department says new policy implemented after collision of two fire engines
      Mar 6, 2019

      Radio traffic from Maine apartment fire that killed Capt. Joel Barnes

      Arrangements announced for Berwick FD's Capt. Barnes
      Feb 5, 2019

      Early video & radio traffic from 3rd alarm in Kearny, New Jersey

      Evacuation ordered at Devon Street fire Monday night
      Feb 3, 2019

      Video & radio traffic: 3-alarm fire in Port Carbon, Pennsylvania

      Evacuation ordered at Saturday night fire damaging multiple rowhomes
      Jan 31, 2019

      Early video & radio traffic documents fire spread at 10-alarm New Jersey conflagration

      70-year-old Marcal Paper Mills in Elmwood Park is destroyed
      Jan 8, 2019

      Early video & radio traffic from Stockton, CA third-alarm with rescue

      Fire in an eight-plex apartment building
      Dec 23, 2018

      Early video & radio traffic from Southern Maryland strip mall fire

      Fire Thursday in St. Mary's County
      Dec 9, 2018

      Mayday radio traffic & video from LODD of Worcester, MA Firefighter Christopher Roy

      Firefighter Roy was one of two firefighters who became trapped

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      Caught on video: Airborne car crashes into building


      STATter911: Full audio from Highland Park, MI house fire


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      STATter911: House fire in Northeast Washington

        3 days ago

        Firefighter Mitch Lundgaard, Appleton (WI) FD shot & killed during EMS run

        Firefighter shot along with police officer on Wednesday
        3 days ago

        Appleton, WI firefighter shot & killed on EMS response

        Police officer and two others wounded during Wednesday incident
        Mar 6, 2019

        More video from Illinois house fire that killed Capt. Jake Ringering

        Godfrey FPD's Capt. Ringering died in a structural collapse Tuesday
        Mar 5, 2019

        Video: Illinois fire captain dies in collapse at house fire

        Godfrey Fire Captain Jake Ringering killed in Bethalto fire
        Mar 3, 2019

        Early video from Maine fire where Capt. Joel Barnes died

        Fire Friday in Berwick apartment building
        Mar 2, 2019

        News report: Maine captain died protecting another firefighter

        Berwick FD's Capt. Joel Barnes & firefighter were trapped in a third-floor bedroom
        Mar 1, 2019

        Capt. Joel Barnes, Berwick (ME) Fire Department, killed in apartment fire

        Four firefighters hurt in fire late Friday morning
        Jan 7, 2019

        News reports: FDNY firefighter killed after falling off bridge

        Firefighter had responded to vehicle crash on Belt Parkway
        Jan 6, 2019

        Lt. Eric Hosette is Clinton, Iowa firefighter killed in grain bin explosion

        Firefighter Adam Cain was injured in the explosion
        Jan 5, 2019

        Firefighter killed in grain storage facility explosion in Clinton, Iowa

        Clinton firefighter died. Second firefighter injured.
        Dec 25, 2018

        Firefighter Natalie Dempsey, Mizpah (NJ) VFC, killed responding in POV

        Young firefighter dies in Christmas morning crash