Read new Charleston report; Flashover video; FF/Mayor-bad mouths FFs; Arson suspect released; Arsonist caught on camera; Arsonists put selves on video

Video of the day (maybe even the week, or month)

Above is almost 15 minutes of raw video from a house fire one month ago in Terre Haute, Indiana. If you haven’t seen it, make sure you do. Just a bit of a flashover as crews make an interior attack.

Blueprint for the future of the City of Charleston Fire Department

The Phase 1 report from the Post Incident Assessment and Review Team, led by Gordon Routley is now out. Read the entire report, here.

Deadly truck crash and fire taped by man who witnessed the wreck

A motorist on Route 78 in New Jersey, Monday, was right behind the trucks that crashed and burned. His video is above.

Not a fire or EMS video, but it could have been

In the video above, a police officer saves the day for a woman caught on the tracks in SC.

New Tacoma video from Atlas Foundry

While this new video released from the security camera at the Atlas Foundry doesn’t show the BLEVE (you can see that here), it does show the moment when the fire started. Take a look at the news story above. Here is the raw version. The critically burned truck driver has since died.

Spokane arson suspect released

In July, we told you about the arson at a fuel depot
in Spokane, WA. An update, in the video above. An arrest was made in the case, but the suspect was released a few days later.

Election battle in CT pits firefighter/mayor against union
The audio tape, above, was on YouTube Tuesday. It is of the New Britain mayor, Timothy Stewart, dealing with a city emergency center during middle of the night flooding. A warning about foul language, as the mayor rants about who he believes is telling the citizens to call his house to complain. A hint about the mayor’s conclusion: the firefighters union isn’t backing this New Britain firefighter’s re-election. Not sure if this was out earlier, but clearly someone is hoping it will sway the election. More on the politics, here and here.

Another firefighter/politician

FireGeezer has the story of Charles “Chuck” Davis, a retired battalion chief from the Hampton Fire Department. Davis has decided to run in the special election to replace his wife, Virginia 1st District Congresswoman Jo Ann Davis, who recently died of cancer.

Note: STATter 911 makes no endorsements in either the Virginia or Connecticut races (or any other elections). Just passing along interesting news involving firefighters.

Arsonist caught in the act
In the video above, someone tries to set fire to a radio station.

Arson can be a difficult crime to solve, but some firebugs/shutterbugs make it easier

Similar to the radio station video, the video above is one of arsonists caught in the act. But in this case, the firebugs took the video themselves, didn’t hide their faces and then posted it on YouTube. Who says arson is a difficult crime to solve?

The location appears to be just outside a building on a college campus (by the sounds, somewhere near railroad tracks). All I know for sure is it was posted by mikeyg, who has another video posted from inside a fraternity house.

Speaking of videos and elsewhere on the web

Look at this story that FireGeezer found from Etna, Maine. The whole fire department is shut down because the chief posted a half-dozen response videos on YouTube.

WithTheCommand.com has a bunch of interesting stories including an update on the deadly tunnel crash in CA, a fire department closed in FL, and a dentist with a fire truck in NJ.

VAFireNews.com has a lot of pictures from a technical rescue in Chesterfield and much more.

Firehouse.com has the investigation into the Orlando Fire Department’s possible misuse of grant money.

Expect both SConFire.com and Firefight Hourly to be all over the Charleston report today.

FirefightingNews.com has some melted ice cream in PA.

Firefighter Spot has some car fire videos and pictures and is dabbling in politics.

And finally … dog gets down and low and firefighters get him out

Cat lovers will tell you how much smarter cats are than dogs (full disclosure, I’m allergic to both). But read the story of Jackson, a 3-year-old Newfoundland. He figured out how to find breathable air as the house burned around him.

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