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A busy morning

An early morning 5-alarm apartment fire near Wayne State University in Detroit is being called suspicious. Two people were injured. Read more here. See FireGeezer’s coverage (he gets up earlier than I do).

That isn’t the sunrise in the AP photo below. It is the glow in the sky after an explosion and fire at a natural gas pumping station around 10:00 PM in Hartsville, TN. The fire is contained, but there are reports of fatalities. Read more here.

What is unclear in Tennessee is the exact connection between this fire, the fatalities and the severe weather that rolled through the South.

The AP photo above by The Courier’s Mike Avery is of a tornado yesterday evening in Atkins, Arkansas. The death toll from the storms is nearing 50 (as of 10:00 AM). Fire and rescue crews have been kept busy all night and this morning. Read more. Click here and here for video of some of the tornadoes.



From Friday in Vincennes, IN. This was an office building that housed two government agencies. Two firefighters were injured. Read more.

Firehouse fire video


This is a short video from Friday morning’s fire at the Holmes Marshall Fire Department in Piscataway, NJ. It shows the rescue of one of the rigs.

Crash in Cumberland


I-68 at the Beall Street ramp in Cumberland, MD on Tuesday afternoon. Read the story.

A message from Captain Donald Hubbel’s aunt

My name is Kay Gurecki. Don Hubbel is my nephew (late sister’s son). I am sickened by this tragedy. Don will be sorely missed!!

Since Don’s sudden death on Friday, friends have given me some of the links you mentioned and I can not tell you how heartwarming it is to read the heartfelt sympathies posted by so many. The comments posted on the watchdesk.com bring tears to my eyes everytime I read them (and trust me when I say, I have read them everyday, twice a day since Friday). Don touched so many people; he was special-a genuinely good guy. He was always a happy kid and maintained that characteristic in adulthood. Don, Diane and some of his clan came over to my house for my annual xmas eve family get-together just over a month ago. Don & I were talking about Tabitha (Don’s youngest daughter) wanting to go to Culinary school and where she might go, etc. We all were laughing and having a good time. I just can’t believe it; this is such a nightmare for the family. I really hope his passing will not squash the dreams of his children.

I wanted to leave a comment and ask for your help. I would have personally liked to email those folks who posted comments about my nephew, but not being in the “inner circle”, I am unable to do this, so, would you please express my deep appreciation to those folks (in a general statement through your network)who wrote comments or put a picture album together about Don. I am grateful they took the time and thought to do such a wonderful thing; they have truly touched my heart. Thank you ever so much.

More on Baltimore City Fire Department Captain Donald Hubbel

Balancing act

This was around 9:30 AM Tuesday morning near the intersection of Indian Head Highway and Kerby Hill Road in Oxon Hill, MD. The pictures by PGFD Battalion Chief Steve Hess. The out of control truck was about to hit the utility pole when it ran up a supporting wire instead. The driver was urged to stay still until the vehicle could be stabilized to allow extrication. The driver told rescue crews he was not injured.


The Union Gap, WA fire chief doesn’t have any assistant chiefs or battalion chiefs. The local TV station says Union Gap is working out a deal to “rent” battalion chiefs from Yakima. Watch the story.

Take the challenge


A 10 minute volunteer recruitment video for Prince George, VA.

A desperate housewife’s plea


A wife shares her grief over the other woman in her husband’s life.

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