FFs attacked; “911, can you hold?” – No, she couldn’t; Teen posts arson clues; Convicted arsonist was member at another MD firehouse

(Updated at 1:07 PM Sunday)

FFs attacked

In the UK the number of attacks on firefighters has been increasing. This story has video from some recent incidents.

Trapped disabled woman dies in fire after being put on hold by 911

From Doylestown, PA, the police chief says he wishes they had the minute back that was lost when Brenda Orr called 911. Orr was trapped in her room with the bed burning. Fifty-four seconds was the combined delay before Orr’s call was answered and then put on hold.

Listen to the call

Bucks County officials admit that errors were made. It appears Christina Kristofic of the Intelligencer broke the story. Read it here.

Read memo from Doylestown Police sergeant

Read memo from Doylestown Police chief

Read Bucks County statement

“The Navy SEALs of firefighting” are for hire

In San Diego County for $1800 a year you can have your home protected by a private firefighting force. Pacific Fire Guard may be one of two firms setting up shop after last year’s devastating wildfires. Excerpts from

Its founder, Bill Kneebusch, a Cleveland-based entrepreneur, said they will deploy what he called “the Navy SEALs of firefighters” to save homes in the path of wildfires from Oakland to the Mexican border. The service would cost individual homeowners about $1,800 a year, he said, and be ready for duty by May.

Firefighters would deploy to private residences and fend off blazes with a gel-water mixture proven effective —- if expensive —- in last fall’s fires.

Metcalf said he’s also heard of a second private firefighting startup company setting up business. But while new here, the companies are not unprecedented elsewhere.

“It’s been shown that using private resources to augment local services is a very common model (nationally) that works very successfully,” Metcalf said.

Fire officials expressed mostly support for the new venture, with some reservations.

Teen brags on Internet of burning church and TV station helps bust him


The fire was Thursday in Palmyra, Missouri. TV station WGEM discovered someone was bragging on a gaming website about burning the building. They posted pictures to prove it. Read more here.

Triple fatal fire in Philly

A fire early Saturday morning killed a man and two boys. Watch the story.

Second MD firehouse allowed convicted arsonist to ride

The chief of the Bryans Road VFD says a background check failed to show Napoleon Queen’s arson conviction when he applied to be a member of the Charles County fire company. Chief Phil Hamrick says he only learned that Queen had been involved in a 1990 firefighter arson ring after Queen moved away from Bryans Road.

Queen was a volunteer at Prince George’s County’s Ritchie VFD until Tuesday. What everyone knew, when they knew it and what they did with the information is part of an ongoing dispute between Ritchie VFD and PGFD.

Click here to read the latest in this story

Truck fire on Beltway

Northern Virginia firefighters made quick work of a fire involving a tanker truck on southbound I-95 (inner loop) near Eisenhower Avenue. The fire engulfed the cab of the truck. The tank was empty. Foam was used to knock down the fire. The Beltway had been shut down in both directions shortly after 9:30 AM. An hour later most lanes were open. Firefighters from Alexandria and Fairfax County responded on the call.

Georgia blast

Six people are missing and dozens injured in an explosion and fire at a sugar refinery at Port Wentworth, GA, a Savannah suburb.

FireGeezer has been keeping the story updated since it occurred last night.

OK church fire


From Edmond, OK yesterday afternoon. Read more about the fire at the New Convenant United Methodist Church.

January 20 Philly fire


This is good quality video from that 6-alarm fire at a Philadelphia furniture manufacturer on January 20.

Mystery tape from 20 years ago


Robert Stack with an Unsolved Mystery from 1987. A found video of an arsonist taping the crime.

Oregon shopping center fire


This is from last June in Medford.

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