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Video of the day: This was posted last week on YouTube, LiveLeak and elsewhere. It is described as a wreck involving an ambulance. No information on where this occurred. One site indicates the unit was not on a response when the crash occurred. Anyone have details?

Gustav coverage: Click here, here and here for links to Gustav stories and details on some fires that occurred during the storm.

Firehouse roulette – the West Coast version: Having experienced this one with a front row seat when DC did it in the 70s, 80s and 90s, I know rotating firehouse closures are very newsworthy when fires occur near where companies are shut for the day. Unlike the District of Columbia, Sacramento has had no fatalities. But there have been fires and city officials say they will take another look at the policy. In the meantime, the fire department is not trying to convince us everything is okay. Click here for the latest and why Dave sees all of this as refreshing.

Statter inspires a special ops site: A reader writes to tell me STATter 911 has given him the bug to blog. I already warned him that no good can come from this and expect to gain 20 pounds and lose as many friends. Still, FireSpecialOps.com is up and running. Check it out.

Rocky night for Rocky’s: Vinnie Dicola owns Rocky’s University New York Pizza. The business has been in Hagerstown, MD for 40 years. Living in the apartment above the shop, Dicola smelled smoke early Sunday morning. The pizza joint has been gutted. Click here for details and a picture from the Herald-Mail.

Holiday weekend video roundup: In case you were occupied during the Labor Day weekend and missed some of our STATter 911 coverage, we were still here searching for interesting videos. One of the videos prompted NJ Steve to allege I may have mislabeled the clip. I hate to admit it, but he has a good point. Check the second to last video and then read the comments section at the bottom of this link.

WV blast video: I first learned about Institute, WV when I came to work at Channel 9 in 1985. Reporter Kent Jarrell was making trips there to report on leaks of some very hazardous material from the Union Carbide plant. The town has had a number of other serious hazmat situations and even an earlier deadly explosion at the same plant that burned last Thursday evening, killing a worker. The most recent blast was caught on video as it happened. Click here for the videos and a number of links to the current and past events in Institute.

More weekend news: Richmond, VA banned on-duty MDA solicitation; Firefighters failed to find body in front seat of burned car; 911 calls from fatal MD fire; Atlanta firefighter known for crane rescue says goodbye.

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