Maryland firefighter burned Christmas Eve returns home. Read more about FF Kevin Weems of West Lanham Hills VFD.

From West Lanham Hills VFD website

Watch interview and story with FF Weems by 9NEWS NOW’s Jim “Ratso” Silman

Being in the holiday mode (which for me means working Christmas Eve and Christmas Day), I somehow overlooked Mark Brady’s original press release on this one. Now that we get around to reporting on the injuries to FF Kevin Weems of West Lanham Hills VFD, he’s already home.

FF Weems was burned on his hands, ears, and thigh in a Landover Hills basement fire at 5128 Flintridge Drive on Christmas Eve.

Read details of FF Weems return from the hospital Friday aboard Engine 282, AKA Engine 828.

Read the Prince George’s County Fire/EMS Department press releases here and here.

The picture below is one of three of the fire from a slide show on the West Lanham Hills site. Click here to see it.

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