Listen to FDNY radio traffic and read timeline from US Airways crash into the Hudson River. More video and links.

Click here to watch live coverage of Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s press conference

New image a few minutes ago on WABC-TV website (8:45 AM) is apaprently the first published of the actual crash of Flight 1549.

Above is some of the early video as the first boat reaches the downed jet

Click here to listen to FDNY radio transmissions following the crash of US Airways Flight 1549 into the Hudson River this afternoon

Rundown of FDNY unit and timeline (with notes added by Mike Ward)


This is video captured by NY1-TV of jet in the air just before the crash landing on the Hudson.

Below are more links to coverage of the crash:

Officials in NY & NJ discuss EMS operation

Hospitals readied for patients

Read about emergency response


wusa9.com slideshow


Photo by Gregory Lam taken shortly after the crash. More pictures in a photo gallery from The New York Daily News.

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