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Must see video: Police dash-cam catches backdraft. One firefighter is slightly injured as house explodes in Kernersville, NC. Click here for the video, an interview with the injured firefighter and other links.

Video from funeral and new information out of Boston: We have links to watch the video of Lt. Kevin M. Kelley’s funeral on Wednesday. Click here.

The union hired Ralph Craven to inspect the Boston Fire Department fleet. Two engine companies and a ladder were sidelined after Craven inspected six rigs. Read more.

Albany union makes stand on two-hatters: Click here to watch the message from the IAFF local in Albany to its members who volunteer in other jurisdictions.

Fat firefighter fired again: Kevin Oglivie was given three months to shape up or ship out after his initial firing caused labor unrest in the UK. He has now shipped out. The Fire Bridgades Union says that wasn’t enough time. Read the update.

Baltimore in compliance: The training academy of the Baltimore City Fire Department has been given the green light by the state for live burns. It had been shut down following an inspection after the death of recruit Racheal Wilson during a live burn at a city rowhouse. Click here for the story.

Chiefs complain about 911 center: Read why fire chiefs are not happy with the Central Maine Regional Communications Center. Click here.

Agreement very close in Louisiana: That’s the word from The Times Picayune on the battle between Jefferson Parish and the IAFF. Read details.

For the geezers out there: We have added to our compilation of old videos of Long Island firefighters in action. To go with the 1960s films, there is a multi-part PR film of the 1970s on Nassau County’s firefighting called Second to None. You know FireGeezer isn’t the only one who caters to the AARP crowd. It really is good stuff. Click here.

$1.73 million dollar grant creates problem for city: The Department of Homeland Security has issued the grant to Great Falls, Montana to increase fire department staffing. But it also requires a substantial investment from Great Falls, something city’s are struggling to do right now. Read about the dilemma.

Jimmy Daly shot this one from yesterday’s four-alarm fire in Lynn, MA. Click here to read about the fire. There is also video here and here. Jimmy’s photography can be seen here at DALY Images.

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