UPDATED: Trooper Daniel Martin’s lawyer says Paramedic Maurice White Jr. is a “danger to the community”. Watch raw video of press conference.

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Above is an almost 8-minute version of the press conference. Click here for the entire 1-hour and 9-minutes (well worth listening to get all of the details of Trooper Martin’s defense).

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Trooper Daniel Martin’s attorney has spoken and he blames the May 24 confrontation in Peden, Oklahoma on Paramedic Maurice White Jr. Attorney Gary James said that White repeatedly got in the way as Trooper Martin attempted to perform his duties during the traffic stop of the Creek Nation ambulance.

White’s attorney has responded to Monday’s press conference saying his client was responding to unlawful actions by the trooper.

Here are excerpts from Tulsa World reporter Manny Gamallo’s latest story:

James said Martin had tried to talk to the driver about the failure to yield and the finger gesture but White kept interfering between the trooper and Franks, despite repeated requests by the trooper for White to get back into the ambulance.

It was after those repeated requests that Martin attempted to arrest White and a scuffle broke out as the paramedic attempted to resist arrest, James said.

A second scuffle broke out on the side of the ambulance as the trooper tried to arrest Martin again. Right or wrong, James said, the trooper had the authority to arrest someone. White didn’t have the right to fight the trooper back, he said.


James also released photos showing bruises and welts on the trooper’s arms. The photos were taken four days after the incident, James said.

“A person who’ll fight an officer is a danger to the community,” James said, adding that White is a “danger to the community.”

He also urged reporters at a news conference to check into White’s background, noting that he had worked for the Muskogee and Mayes County EMS systems.

Martin has been on paid administrative leave since June 1.

He has undergone repeated threats, such as drive-by shootings, and people attempting to hack into his e-mail account since the May 24 incident, a video of which was recorded on a cell phone and posted on the Internet.

It was because of those incidents that he requested to be put on administrative leave, James said.

Paramedic White’s attorney, Richard O’Carroll, talked with KOTV-TV’s Tara Vreeland about Monday’s press conference. Here are excerpts:

“He could have let the air out of this completely. ‘I was wrong and I’m sorry and it was a mistake,'” said Richard O’Carroll, attorney for paramedic Maurice White.

“Everything on this needs to relate back to why are we here? One man is there protecting a patient and one man is there abusing his authority and throwing his weight around,” said Richard O’Carroll, attorney for paramedic Maurice White.

But, who was abusing who may be up to a court to decide. At a news conference, Gary James, the attorney representing OHP Trooper Daniel Martin, showed pictures of bruises that Maurice White allegedly inflicted on Martin. James says White resisted arrest, but O’Carroll says not so fast.

“He was lawfully behaving against an unlawful action and in this state, that’s appropriate,” said attorney Richard O’Carroll. “In Oklahoma, what we call a Wild West state, if the policeman’s actions are inappropriate, you have a right to reasonably resist.”

The next big question in the debate is what will happen next?

“Given Trooper Martin’s attitude on this, I believe that I am going to have to instruct him as to what is right and what is wrong in this state. But, my client takes a different point of view, he still hopes that the government will handle this so he won’t have to, but I’ll definitely do it,” said Richard O’Carroll, attorney for paramedic Maurice White.

Attorney Gary James asked those at his Monday news co
nference to look into Maurice White’s history in Mayes County and Muskogee.

O’Carroll said there’s nothing untoward or inappropriate.