A rewarding save in Muskegon, Michigan

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From WZZM-TV’s Lambrini Lukidis:

Kelysse LaBelle is full of energy today. But when fireman Scott Campau rescued her from the bottom of Fisherman’s Landing in Muskegon last week, Kelysse was purple, her eyes were gray and lifeless.

“The stroller was actually sitting up-right on its wheels on the bottom of the lake and she was unconscious,” said Campau.

“She wasn’t breathing, no heart rate,” said Battalion Chief Ken Chudy who lead the team on the call. “She was lifeless when we pulled her out of the water,” said Fireman Kevin McMillan also assisted by firemen Chad Horn and Scott Hemmeslbach.

Kelysse’s two year old brother accidentally knocked the stroller off the dock.

“I could not get to her, couldn’t see anything, the water was murky, it was cold,” said father Adam LaBelle.

On his first try Scott Campau dove 12 feet and rescued Kelysse.

Tearful parents and a room full of relatives embraced with mutual gratitude.

“It was really rewarding to see them here and the joy in their eyes and you can really feel the gratitude that they have, and that’s the exciting part of this job and the rewarding part of this job is to have moments like this,” said Campau.

While the reunion is in honor of the heroes who saved her, Kelysse enjoyed the cake her family brought to the fire station, celebrating many more birthday’s to come.

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