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Changes coming for STATter911.com: Over the next day or so this blog should look very different. New blogging software will be used and you will start seeing some advertising. The most important thing is that it will be the same lame content you have come to know and love. It will now be very important for you to access us through http://statter2017.wpengine.com/. The longer wusa9.com link may not be operating once the switch is made.

Union prez takes issue with the term “comedy act”: IAFF Local 36’s Ray Sneed says if the sprinkler demonstration that left a firefighter burned was a “comedy act” then Dennis Rubin was the “chief comedian”. For his part DC Fire & EMS Department Chief Rubin stands by his assessment of the October 7 incident. We have some raw video and more from our interview with both gentlemen yesterday. Click here.

Dog saves the day for large family: A large family owes its escape from a fire in Beltsville, Maryland yesterday morning to smoke alarms and their dog. Read and watch the story.

Firehouse porn costs city $200,000: That’s the settlement a female San Jose firefighter is getting after she reported hard-core porn at her firehouse. Read the story.

Firefighter accused of punching dog is still on the job: Over the past year there have been some bad doings between firefighters and dogs. There was the Los Angeles County assistant chief accused of beating a neighbor’s dog and there was the Columbus firefighter who shot his two dogs to avoid paying kennel charges while on vacation. Now there is the Newport Beach, California firefighter suspected of punching his girlfriend’s Chihuahua in the face resulting in the dog being euthanized. He is still on the job. So far no charges have been filed. Read the story.

Fire department to close. Firefighters could join public safety department: Leoni Township, Michigan is shutting down its fire department and putting it all in the hands of its public safety department that responds to both police and fire responses. The firefighters who are losing their jobs can negotiate to get a job in the public safety department. Click here for the story.

More from Milwaukee: Firefighters continue to fight proposed budget cuts. Here’s the latest.

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