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Chester City Firefighter Bob Butler. Photo by Rikard Larma via Metro International. Click the image to read his story.
Chester City Firefighter Bob Butler. Photo by Rikard Larma via Metro International. Click the image to read his story.

The American flag controversy deepens:
One firefighter, James Krapf,  has been suspended for two days (so far) because he won’t obey the Marine veteran fire commissioner’s order to take the flag sticker off of his locker. Another firefighter, Bob Butler, wears the stars and stripes upside down on his cap.

What is going on in Chester City, Pennsylvania? Click here to find out.

The comments on this one are divided. Most think Firefighter Krapf is doing what is right and standing up for our flag and our country. There is also strong opinion that the firefighter should be following orders, including this one.

In his commentary, Billy Goldfeder makes the point that this may really be about other issues within the department. Either way he worries that the distraction and national attention will impact the job that these firefighters are there to do.  Check out his thoughts.

Chief Reason agrees it may not really be about red, white and blue, but instead, black and white.

There is a rally to support Firefighter Krapf this morning at 9:00.

The story that never ends – Read IG report into how Montgomery County handled assistant chief’s wreck: Remember the case of former Montgomery County, Maryland Assistant Chief Greg DeHaven. The crash of the fire department SUV he was operating into a police car and three other vehicles on the side of I-270 continues to make news almost a year after it happened. The controversy stems from police officers not charging Chief DeHaven with impaired driving despite testing ordered by the fire department showing his blood-alcohol level at .143 three hours after the crash. Now an IG’s report says investigators for the fire department never interviewed the six witnesses on the scene who all suspected alcohol use. The IG is also expected to report on the police department’s role.  The police chief has said an internal report, not publicly released, showed his officers handled the situation properly. Miranda Spivack has the latest story from The Washington Post. Click here to read the report and the recommendations for the Montgomery County Department of Fire & Rescue Service.

Water not a problem at this Chain Bridge Road fire: PIO Pete Piringer made it clear in his Tweets from the scene that the water supply was not a problem at a house fire Saturday on DC’s Chain Bridge Road, NW. Just up the street on July 30 the mansion of a former school board president was destroyed as firefighters spent the better part of two hours trying to get an adequate water supply.  Mayor Adrian Fenty, Chief Dennis Rubin and WASA Chairman William Walker will give an update and release the investigative report from the mayor’s office  looking at the first Chain Bridge Road this morning at Engine 20 in Tenleytown. The last two times the chief and the chairman got together to talk publicly about these same issues it left some council members quite frustrated.

Rescue in Cumberland: My old friend Jeff Alderton at the Cumberland Times-News has a story worth reading on the rescue of a woman from her burning home Friday morning. An off-duty lieutenant spotted the fire and along with others tried to get in. On-duty crews got there and made the grab. The woman is in critical condition.

Early video, lots of rescues, two badly burned in weekend apartment fire in Prince George’s County: PGFD crews plucked a lot of people off balconies, including a man and a woman who were seriously burned, during Saturday’s fire in what used to be called Springhill Lake. Also, a family of six jumped to safety. There is some early video along with still pictures and details. There are also lots of comments, including one writer who was quite critical of your editor, his motivations and the blog’s content. Click here for everything.

Well, they are advertised as high visibility: The NSW Rural Fire Service in Australia ordered the yellow T-shirts for safety, so the firefighters can be seen. Female firefighters in Australia say they are being seen alright, just not in the way they would like. Clearly the shirts were ordered by a man. Check it out

Ladder overturns: Lots of pictures from Quebec where four firefighters were slightly hurt after their truck tipped on its side on a curve while responding to an alarm.

Bone drill: When you can’t find the vein there are other options. Firegeezer looks at the bone drills being used by a Nebraska fire department.

Now Dave is just being silly: More than a year-and-a-half after I discovered it, the Gregson Street Guillotine in Durham still gets my attention. We revisit the box truck killer.

Other new videos: Two-alarm house fire in Wood-Ridge, NJ; House fire in Shelton, Connecticut

911 director resigns over call taker’s nap: A high-profile murder case put the spotlight on this issue in Warren County, Ohio.

Firefighters make too much money: That’s the contention of some in Lee County, Florida.

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