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Tanker fire in Indianapolis: Video from yesterday during a crash and fire involving a propane truck on I-465. Read the details.

Pre-dawn fire in St. Petersburg, Florida: A large apartment building that is part of a retirement community is burning this morning. Click here or here for the video.

A look back to a tragic day in Baltimore County: Three firefighters were remembered in Dundalk, Maryland yesterday. They died as Shillers Furniture burned on October 22, 1984. I was able to find some video from our library and also have links to the coverage of the ceremony to honor three Baltimore County firefighters. Click here.

$12.7 million for pole hole fall: That’s the award from a jury to a former Seattle firefighter who suffered severe injuries in 2003 after thinking he was heading to the restroom at 3:00 AM. Instead he fell 18 feet through the hole to the ground.  Read the story.

Man billed for no-show firefighters: As more and more places bill for fire service there are going to be problems, but this one sure is interesting. A man in Bellevue Township, Michigan says when kids playing with fireworks sparked a brush fire at his home, two firefighters showed up in their personal vehicles to check on the fire he had already put out. The bill charges him for the work of 13 firefighters. Almost sounds like an episode of the Sopranos. Click here to read the story.

Firefighters who went home sick told to now stay home: In  North Providence, Rhode Island the mayor claims two firefighters staged a “mini-sickout” when they both went home sick last month instead of going on a temporary transfer to another company for the day. Both firefighters have been suspended. Check out the story. is now Our friend Grant Mishoe has been the voice of South Carolina for quite a while. His site has a new look and a new name. Check it out.

The mayor’s race in Boston: features the role of the firefighters’ union in the campaign. The article looks at whether the current mayor is too tough on firefighters and if his opponent is tough enough?

Neighbors not buying reasons for station closings: In Evansville, Indiana the mayor and fire chief are using words like “efficiency” and phrases like “for the good of the city”, but the people who live near two firehouses that are closing aren’t necessarily buying that message. Click here.

Look  at me!: Unfortunately that’s what too many drivers did when firefighter in Fort Walton Beach, Florida had a rope training rescue drill underneath a busy bridge as people went to work. It didn’t help traffic that a lane was also taken. The chief says the training needs to be realistic and safe. Read more.

Three barns burning: In Windsor Locks, CT, this video shows fire spreading among three tobacco barns on Monday. Investigators believe it was deliberately set. Read and watch more.

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