UPDATED – Close-up tours of the fireground in Puerto Rico. Fire still burning in some tanks.

Previous coverage of the fire

This is an interesting up close view of the tank farm fire in Puerto Rico. Not sure what the people in the car were up to.  The news media was also given a tour of the firefighting operations. Check out the video below.

Here is some of the latest information in excerpts from a Reuters report:

Firefighters made progress in containing a raging fire at an oil storage depot in Puerto Rico, but shifting winds threatened to bring the toxic smoke closer to populated areas, officials warned on Saturday.

However, authorities said air quality remained good, well below toxicity levels that would prompt more evacuations.

The fire has destroyed 18 of the storage facility’s 40 tanks. The governor said only five tanks were still fully ablaze on Saturday, while four had collapsed in the flames and others appeared to have burned out but were still smouldering.

“The fire is contained. We don’t expect it to spread from there,” said Fire Chief Pedro Vazquez.

Firefighters focused on chilling the unaffected tanks and containing the flames. There were 130 firefighters battling the blaze with the support of 30 fire trucks and other equipment.

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