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Commercial fire – roof operations: This is a fire Sunday in Ontario’s Niagara on the Lake. The building where the firefighter is on the roof is believed to be an old fire hall. It was most recently a garden store. News reports indicate the fire started in the basement of this building and spread to another building. Four businesses were destroyed. The firefighter is forced to make a quick retreat from the roof at about 5:50 on the video.

One of those must see videos: I have no idea if this recovery of a tanker truck at the scene of a wreck is old or new, or where it was taken. There is no fire department on the scene and that may be one of the big problems. One hazmat expert, pointing to the lack of smoke, believes the product could be ethanol or something similar. If you know anything about this incident, please fill us in. Click here to watch it.

Banned in Houston: Helmet-cams: The Houston Fire Department has outlawed the used of helmet-cams by its firefighters. It is now a firing offense. This is an issue we have discussed on the blog many times. It is being addressed in various ways by fire departments across the country. Click here for the HFD story.

Citizen firefighter gives it her all: This video is well worth watching. A restaurant worker decides to battle the flames. It looks like they both get knocked down. Click here.

Engine 236 & Ladder 107: Click here for our coverage of the collision of these two FDNY rigs in Brooklyn on Saturday.

Great series of pictures from Canada: A restaurant fire and gas leak on Saturday morning lights up the pages of Click here.

Bomb or no bomb: Is it bomb making materials or is the guy a model rocket enthusiast? Depends on who you talk to about an explosion that injured a man in Rhode Island. Firegeezer tries to sort if out.

Close-up tours in Puerto Rico: We have two videos that show you the firefighting operations at the tank farm fire in Puerto Rico. Click here. The earlier coverage is here.

Virginia firefighter & two others killed in suspicious fire in West Virginia home: has the details on the death of Rockingham County’s Dennis Taylor.

More videos: The roof burns off a hotel in Pekin, Illinois.  A row of restaurants burns in Seattle.

Inmate/firefighter rescued: This rescue at a wildfire in California was of an inmate/firefighter. Read his story.

Arbitrator’s ruling on minimum staffing has city going to court: In Lockport, New York the firefighters won the first round on minimum staffing for each shift. But city officials say they won’t hire the nine firefighters needed to comply with the ruling, or pay out the OT to fill the slots. Instead the city plans to go to court. Here’s the story.

Journalistically this is unsound in every way. But it is a good story that happens to be the truth about one of the good guys: The woman who wrote the article has anything but an arm’s length relationship with her subject. The blog that posted the article employs the person it is written about. As a reporter, I shouldn’t be touching this one at all. But I have to tell you it is one of the more interesting fire service articles I have read in a while about a guy who retired from PGFD, regretted his move and did something about it. Check out the story of Charlie Flinn. (Just in case there aren’t enough conflicts of interest for you, the article’s author once nominated the editor of this blog for an award.)

Garage fire in Gary: This is from Saturday in the 3100 block of Gerry. According to the description with the video there were no hydrants in the area and the Gary crews were assisted by a tanker from Lake Ridge.

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