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House fire in Massachusetts: This is from around 1:00 PM on Monday on Boston Road in Sutton, Massachusetts. News reports indicate a firefighter was injured during the fire. The fire extended from the carport into the house. Neighbors reported hearing an explosion before the fire was discovered. More from

Role reversal – firefighter catches drunk police officer: The Toledo police officer had been called to investigate an accident involving a fire truck. The cop was arrested. Read more.

Reversal of view at the Niagara on the Lake fire: The video at the top of yesterday’s “Quick Takes” was a commercial fire in Ontario. That video was shot in the rear of the businesses. Click here and here for the view on Side A. 

Fire boat burns: Firefighters in Beaufort, South Carolina are looking for a new boat to replace a Carolina Skiff destroyed with another boat during a fire at a boat repair shop. Here’s the story.

Rescuing the firehouse: It was built 70-years-ago as a public works project. Now LAFD’s Station 39 in Van Nuys is the oldest station still operating. It is too small and lacks amenities. But some firefighters and others are trying to save it. Read more.

Famed director says he will stay and fight during next wildfire in his L.A. neighborhood: James Cameron says he has a swimming pool full of water, a pump and Class A foam. Read more.

Random drug testing in Pittsburgh: It was something the mayor insisted on after a series of incidents involving firefighters. Read and watch the story.

Candidate makes firefighter/council member’s use of sick leave an issue: In Woodbridge, New Jersey, the incumbent council member is a fire captain. His opponent is making an issue of how and when the captain has used his sick leave. Read the story.

New rigs will change staffing: In Quincy, Illinois the fire chief wants $1 million to buy a new quint and rescue pumper. His plan is to cut the number of fire trucks on the road and change the staffing configuration. No one will lose their jobs, but there will liekly be demotions under the plan. Read the details.

Volunteer staffing in Washington: Firegeezer has the story in Yakima County where the number of volunteers is dwindling.

Controversy over FM appointment: In Rochester, New York the firefighters’ union is protesting the filling of the fire marshal’s job with a non-firefighter who is a political appointee. Read the details.

Graffiti may be clue in Puerto Rico: Investigators trying to determine if the tank farm fire was an accident discover some interesting graffiti in a tunnel. Click here for the story.

The latest from Ray: has the latest from Ray McCormack. It is called, “Tactical Safety: SOPs, Standard Operating Positions”

House fire in Canada: This is from New Brunswick. Here is the description posted with the video- Moncton Fire Dept had to respond to this house fire at 46593 Homestead Rd. ( Old Trans Canada) because Salisbury Fire had no manpower at the time. Riverview Fire , Petticodiac also responded. House was fully engulfed and at one time fireman said there were people trapped. Fire call came in at 2:17 pm and at 2:33 pm everyone was out ok.
Ambulance was needed at the scene and by
3:10 pm firefighters had the fire knocked down.

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