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It isn’t just Houston. Baltimore reminds firefighters that picture taking isn’t allowed.

Read BFD Departmental Order No. 148-09

Houston Fire Department order

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It appears we won't be seeing many more videos like this one from the website of the Baltimore Fire Department's Engine 8 & Truck 10. While we recently told you of the new policy by the Houston Fire Department banning helmet-cams and the like, Baltimore's policy had already been in place.

Yesterday, Assistant Chief of Operations Donald Heinbuch sent out a friendly reminder that reads:

The use of any type of recording device by on duty members on Fire Property or Vehicles is prohibited. Included are cameras, video recorders, audio recorders and recorders on cell phones.

Members are prohibited from using these devices while on duty and responding to or operating on incidents.

Unit officers may approve the use of cameras and/or recorders by on duty personnel for photographing apparatus and members in nonemergency situations. Otherwise, only personnel authorized by the Chief of Fire Department may use recording devices under the conditions specified when authorization is granted.

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