House destroyed as plane crashes & burns in Lawrenceville, Georgia. Gwinnett County FD says pilot and one person in the home killed.


Two people were killed — including one person on the ground — when a Cessna 310 crashed into a home in the 2300 block of Walker Drive in Gwinnett County Friday afternoon.

Homes around the crash site were evacuated shortly after the crash, which happened just after 1 p.m. The crash caused a fire which gutted the house.

Picture shortly after crash provided to WXIA-TV by Arthur Gray.
Picture shortly after crash provided to WXIA-TV by Arthur Gray.

Two people were killed in the crash — one was a woman inside the home, and the second was the pilot of the plane.

“Right now it appears that we have two fatalities, one inside the house and the pilot on board the plane,” said Captain Tommy Rutledge of the Gwinnett County Fire Department.

The woman was inside the home with her husband when the crash happened — he was able to escape uninjured.

NTSB investigator Butch Wilson said the plane shattered on impact. Investigators said they may never be able to determine what happened.

“There’s not really much left of the house or the airplane,” Wilson said. “Most of it has been consumed in the fire. What we do have left, we will examine.”

A neighbor said that he was at home working on his computer when he heard a low-flying airplane, followed by a crash that blew his windows out. He said he dived under his desk, and when he came out, he saw that his neighbor’s house was up in flames.

The twin-engine plane had just taken off from Briscoe Field, apparently loaded with fuel. The plane was en route to Sparta, Tenn., when the crash happened. Air traffic controllers got no word of trouble prior to the crash.

“They were in transition to the Atlanta radio tower, the airport tower. They, according to Gwinnett’s Airport tower, did not make contact with the Atlanta tower and there was no distress signal that was given to the Gwinnett tower from the plane,” Rutledge said.

Neighbors who heard and felt the explosion were stunned with not only the loss of life, but the realization that the plane could have hit anyone’s home.

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