UPDATE- Maryland firefighter hit by vehicle at fire scene. Ends up on hood of car with serious injuries as she stretched supply line across a street.

MD Montgomery seal 2A Montgomery County, Maryland firefighter is in a local hospital after being hit by a car at the scene of a working fire Monday night. The injured firefighter was the driver of the first arriving engine to the alarm at 10320 Westlake Drive in Bethesda around 7:30 PM. The 47-year-old firefighter is a veteran of the department assigned to Station 26.

According to Montgomery County Fire & Rescue Service Assistant Chief Scott Graham, the firefighter, wearing a reflective vest, was dragging a supply line across the street to a hydrant, when a car lurched forward. The firefighter ended up on the hood of that vehicle.

The firefighter has serious, but non-life-threatening trauma. She is being treated for orthopedic injuries.

MD Montgomery Westlake

According to Graham, the firefighter had actually made contact with the driver before being struck. The firefighter told the man to wait until she moved a coupling. Graham said her intention was to allow the driver to move his car before the line was charged.

 Sources indicate the driver of the car is elderly and may have confused the brake with the accelerator. Police have filed charged against the man.

The fire generated a lot of smoke on the fourth floor of the apartment building. A task force and rapid intervention dispatch was sent to the fire in addition to the initial box alarm.