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Dave gets set up and sucked in by two octogenarians. Firehouse jokesters and pranksters take a lesson from these two masters: Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner.

I usually try not to waste your time with most of what I do during my day job (I just waste it with the other mindless pulp I send your way). I am making an exception in this case.

I am still laughing over how two of the funniest people on this earth, one 87 and the other 83, plotted to set up a reporter on the red carpet at the Kennedy Center Sunday night. The editor of just happened to be the one who took the bait.

Keep in mind that Carl Reiner showed up about a half hour before the arrival of Mel Brooks and planted the seed.

Other than a great lesson in comedy and patience for you firehouse pranksters, the only other fire department connection in the video is my interview with a serial arsonist and a brush off by the fire investigator (the story of my life).

Mel Brooks


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