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UPDATE: Is it fun or reckless? Or both? Firefighters in Riverdale, Maryland enjoy the snow.

Original post and comments

Since we posted the original 10-minute or so long video of members of Maryland's Riverdale Volunteer Fire Department having fun in the snow, we have received  many comments and emails. Above is a greatly abbreviated version of the video.

A small number of those writing think this is just firefighters who provided an important service during the storm getting a chance to have some fun and blow off steam. The large majority of those writing think this is not safe, that it is not appropriate behavior and sends the wrong message to the public.

While many of the firefighters are wearing what appears to be department PPE, we have been given no indication that the pickup truck is a fire department vehicle. We are wondering about the board being used. has asked for the viewpoint of Riverdale VFD's chief  and officials with the Prince George's County Fire/EMS Department, along with the chief of police in Riverdale Park.  We will let you know if there are any comments.

UPDATE:  Riverdale VFD Chief Charles Ryan replied to our email saying he is fully investigating the incident. Chief Ryan indicated he would not have further comment until that was completed, but he did confirm our suspicions that the vehicle involved did not belong to the fire department.

Both PGFD Chief Spokesman Mark Brady and Riverdale Park Police Chief Theresa Chambers say they will not be providing comments while Chief Ryan's investigation is underway.

A reader sent along the video below of somewhat similar activity on Long Island posted in January of 2007.

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