Update on USAR teams. Fairfax County's Virginia Task Force 1 and other teams involved in multiple successful rescues.

Firegeezer has the list of deployed USAR teams

(Note: Please check the video player to the right. When new videos come in involving USAR teams,’s Emily Cyr and Jillian Coyle are adding them, often before I am able to catch up with the details. You will also see other fire & EMS related videos in the player from the DC area and around the country.)

It is clear the urban search and rescue teams on the ground in Haiti are making progress. We have been keeping tabs of our local teams from Fairfax County, Virginia, but there is good work being done by many.

The first team from Virginia Task Force 1 is designated as USA-1 Heavy. It’s 72 personnel have been very busy. We told you about and showed you yesterday the rescue of the security guard at the UN building.

Fairfax County Fire & Rescue Department spokesman Dan Schmidt tells us the same team successfully completed at 1:00 AM a 17-hour rescue of a woman at the Hotel Montana in Port-Au-Prince (part of that operation is seen on the video above).

They then went on to assist the French team with the rescue of four people (a fifth was being worked on late this morning). A portion of the team was also assisting the group from Spain on rescuing two people from an elevator shaft.

Team two is known as USA-5  USA-1 Medium. It has 42 36 people on the team. They arrived in Haiti early this morning and Schmidt confirms they are also using the US Embassy as a base of operations (considered a plus for security and coordination). 

More as we know it.

USAR team rescues a woman earlier today.

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